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What is over/under betting? Top 3+ common over/under bets

Over/under betting has long been an indispensable form of wagering in football. Have you understood this popular type of bet? In the following article, win tips bet will provide an overview of what over/under betting is, as well as the common handicap odds when placing bets of this type.

What is over/under betting?

Simply put, over/under betting represents the stronger team with the over bet, and the weaker team with the under bet.

When you choose to bet over, it's usually on the team that's considered superior in every aspect compared to their opponent, from their reputation to their historical winning odds.

Conversely, if you choose the under bet, it's on a team that's still weak, lacks fame, and is less outstanding compared to their opponent, with lower winning odds.

To gain a clearer understanding of this type of bet, let's explore the various handicap odds when placing over/under bets.

Common handicap odds when betting over/under

To place this type of bet, players need to accurately predict the winning odds of both teams, which will increase their chances of winning. You can base your predictions on the starting lineup, the teams' previous match history, and their playing tactics.

Here are some common handicap odds when betting over/under:

Half ball handicap:

The half ball handicap is currently a popular choice among bettors when participating in over/under betting. This betting odds offer a 1:1 chance of winning.

With this handicap, if you bet over, you're required to accept a half ball handicap, and the corresponding betting odds provided by top bookmaker. If the over bet wins, you'll win the entire wager.

The half ball handicap isn't too difficult to play and offers relatively high odds, making it a very appealing handicap.

Quarter ball handicap:

When you bet on a quarter ball handicap, whichever team wins will receive the full amount of both parties' wagers.

However, if the match ends in a draw, all bets will be lost. Although this handicap offers lower payout odds, it's very safe and suitable for newcomers to betting.

Three-quarter ball handicap:

The three-quarter ball handicap is quite common nowadays and appears in football matches both domestically and internationally.

With this handicap, the over bet has to accept a 0.75 ball handicap. Only when the over team scores 2 or more goals do they have a chance to win; otherwise, the under bet wins.

If the over team scores only 1 goal, the over bettor will only win half of their initial wager. Conversely, if the under team wins or draws, the under bettor will win the entire wager.

The three-quarter ball handicap is a very common form of betting, and it's relatively easy to play. Therefore, any bettor can try their luck with it.

One ball handicap:

With this form of betting, the over bet has to accept a 1 ball handicap over the under team.

To win with the over bet, the team must score at least 2 goals. If they only win by 1 goal, it's a draw, resulting in the under bet winning.

In the event of both teams having equal odds, whoever bets under wins, and the over bet loses.

Choosing between over and under bets to win big

Based on the experiences of many who have participated in betting, if you want to win safely in online football betting, it's advisable to choose the under bet.

When match handicaps are provided, most of those who choose the under bet will have a higher probability of winning compared to those who choose over.

However, surprises can still happen in football. What if the supposedly weaker team wins? That's why the opportunity to participate in betting remains.

In this article, Wintips has provided you with all the information regarding over/under betting and the most common handicap odds when choosing over/under bets.

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