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On September 11, 1995, the Big Wu played for the first time at the Terminal Bar on Hennepin Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis. This gig started a run of shows that lasted from the end of 1995 into most of 1996. A little over a month later on October 28, 1995, they debuted their first original song "Silcanturnitova". Over the next four years an onslaught of new songs were written including "Bloodhound", "Red Sky", "Precious Hands", "Kangaroo", and "Puerto Rico." It was also at the Terminal Bar where the lineup was solidified, with Chip House, Andrew Eklund, and Nathan Eklund all leaving the band to pursue professional careers. At the time the Big Wu was looking for a keyboardist and bass guitar player. Andy Miller, also a St. Olaf College graduate, got the job playing bass, and several months later, Al Oikari sat in on keys and eventually became a member of the band.

Wu Bug Professional 24

Disclaimer: Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. We strive to provide accurate information, but we are mostly just amateurs attempting to make sense of a diverse natural world. If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office.

In his first start on the Korn Ferry Tour, at the Price Cutter Charity Championship last July, Wu led by three shots heading into the final round before finishing tied for ninth. Instead of fretting over that setback, Wu took it on the chin, and a month later went on to claim his first professional victory at the Korn Ferry Tour Championship in Newburgh, Indiana.

"I thought I did OK, but dad thought I could have done better and he was right. I started trying to shoot better scores after that. I'm glad my parents pushed me to play golf. They saw the big picture on what golf can help bring, whether that was the opportunity to go to Stanford or being a professional golfer. They set the course for me."

"Last year was an interesting year as I experienced the tough parts of professional golf, stuff like Monday qualifying, trying to get into events and losing in a playoff. But I also got to experience some highs, playing really well and winning my first pro tournament. It was kind of a relief to have finally won. It's almost like I learned a different kind of patience in 2020. I think I am a patient person but you have to really believe and be confident in yourself."

Second, suitable regulatory aspects related to the production and marketing of VMT and vaginal probiotics should be in place. Vaginal administration leads to products not classified as dietary supplements. Being classified into personal care products or being prescribed to patients as drugs needs more restrictive regulation and report adverse events91,93. In this regard, professional medical associations should issue recommendations concerning the role of VMT and probiotics in obstetrics and gynecology, as their uncontrolled implementation might also lead to a potential decrease in effectiveness. Detailed discussions on medical and regulatory considerations, including finding the right FDA regulatory path for VMT, are of crucial importance for future clinical trials of VMT and have been reviewed in other papers69,94.

Okimoto had a plan for success leading up to the Rio Olympics. For four years, she was able to pay a team of professionals to help her. A physical therapist, dryland trainer, psychologist and massage therapist were all on hand to help her reach her goal. Part of the expenses were paid thanks to a $4,100 monthly payment she received from her sponsor, the Brazilian Postal Service


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