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The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle - A Game for Horse Lovers

The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle - A Game for Horse Lovers

The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle is a game based on the popular TV series and books by Bonnie Bryant. It is a game for young girls who love horses and want to experience the adventures of Stevie Lake, Carole Hanson and Lisa Atwood, the members of The Saddle Club.


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The game allows the player to explore the beautiful Pine Hollow area, take care of their own horse, participate in riding competitions and photo sessions, and interact with the characters from the show. The game also features voice acting by Polish actors who dubbed the TV series.

The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle is a game that combines fun, friendship and horses. It is a game that will appeal to fans of the TV series and books, as well as anyone who enjoys horse riding and animal care.

The game was developed by Tate Interactive, a Polish studio, and published by Deep Silver and Cenega S.A. It was released for PC and Wii in 2010.

The gameplay of The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle consists of various activities that involve the player's horse and the characters from the show. The player can explore the Pine Hollow area on horseback, visit different locations such as the stable, the club house, the vet clinic and the town. The player can also interact with other characters, such as Lisa, Carole, Stevie, Jake, Max and others, and learn more about them and their stories.

The player has to take care of their horse by feeding, grooming, cleaning and training it. The player can also customize their horse's appearance by choosing different colors, patterns and accessories. The player can also participate in different riding competitions, such as dressage, show jumping and cross country. The player has to perform well in these events to earn money and prizes that can be used to buy new items for their horse and themselves.

The game also features a photo mode, where the player can take pictures of their horse and themselves in different poses and locations. The player can save their favorite photos in an album and share them with their friends. The game also has a quiz mode, where the player can test their knowledge about horses and the show.

The game has different difficulty levels that can be adjusted according to the player's skill and preference. The game also has a tutorial mode that explains the basics of the game and helps the player get started.

The Saddle Club: Przygody w siodle is a game that has received mixed reviews from players and critics. Some of the positive aspects of the game are the faithful adaptation of the TV series and books, the variety of activities and locations, the voice acting and the graphics. Some of the negative aspects of the game are the repetitive gameplay, the lack of challenge and difficulty, the glitches and bugs, and the poor sound quality.

The game is mainly aimed at young girls who are fans of The Saddle Club franchise or who love horses in general. The game offers a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Pine Hollow and experience the adventures of Lisa, Carole and Stevie. The game also provides some educational value by teaching about horse care, riding skills and trivia.

The game is not recommended for players who are looking for a more realistic or challenging horse simulation game, or who are not interested in The Saddle Club franchise. The game may be too easy, boring or childish for some players. The game may also have some technical issues that can affect the gameplay experience. 0efd9a6b88

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