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Cabelas Adventure Camp

Cabelas Adventure Camp -

CABELA'S ADVENTURE CAMP is an attempt to capture some fun summer camp adventures and package it in a way that is competitive and yet accessible by the whole family. Players compete for the highest scores, and to be posted on the in-house and online leaderboards. There are nine total events, though two events (skeet and sporting clays) are essentially variations of the same game. In addition, six of the events (biking, kayaking, wave riding, archery, skeet, fishing) have several different versions to play, which means you play the same game but in different settings. While the overall control scheme is not as active as some other recent Kinect titles, it still can have players up and moving. Up to four players can compete in a competition, with two appearing simultaneously in games. Some games are straightforward body control games, while Hogwhacked is a whack-a-mole game in a memory sequence style, and Ice Breaker is a strike a pose game of rock, paper, scissors.

Cabela's Adventure Camp is an adventure game released the same day as Survival: Shadows of Katmai. It was released on November 1, 2011 in the United States and Canada, and on November 18, 2011 in the United Kingdom.[1]

Push Square scored a 6/10 for the PS3 saying "Cabela's Adventure Camp brings the fun outdoor activities of summer camp right into your living room all year long. If you've got a cabin full of rambunctious children this winter that are itching for summer camp to finally arrive, this just might be your ticket to get them off the couch."

Crafted to be a party game, Cabela's Adventure Camp, like Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai, appears as a rather unconventional Cabela's-themed title. Rather than the typical heavy emphasis on hunting, firearms, and dangerous animal species, Adventure Camp focuses on the more "outdoorsy sportsman" and camping aspects of the Cabela's brand. Here, the only hunting is with a bow and arrow, and the targets are merely cardboard shapes of animals like deer--when the targets aren't simple round concentric circles.There are six playable characters, all children or young teens who are "attending" a Cabela's-themed camp. Hair and clothing colors can be changed, and stats are recorded. Another child, known as Greg, exists to grief the player during some points in certain events, which includes things like dropping boulders into the river during a kayaking event. Greg takes no active role in the gameplay, rather, unusual challenges or obstacles are "blamed" on the character.

You're probably curious why I was "camping" in 1984. Anyone unfortunate enough to have told my life story knows darn well, that after my early teens I rebelled against the relentless "hunting, fishing and trapping" of my early years.

I was making one of those every-decade or so attempts to escape The Rock. The plan involved me and my then girlfriend stowing everything we could fit into a Volkswagon Rabbit and driving from Prince Rupert to Boston where we both hoped to get educated and become rich and famous. I was 25 at the time and had already flamed out of higher education once before. But this time I was determined to make it work and would even go "camping," literally, to get there.

It seemed reasonable, that we could drive cross-country and - instead of paying for hotels or motels or whatever - we could "camp." We took a tent. It took two nights of sleeping on the ground in wet and cold British Columbia campgrounds to dissuade us of that "adventure." If you are planning to drive several hundred miles each day, you really need to get a good night's sleep and even at age 25 camping was NOT a good night's sleep. I was trying desperately to keep my eyes open at noon on alonely, endless, flat stretch of eastern Alberta highway when I realized the tent wasn't working. So, we decided for the rest of the trip to stay in places that made Motel 6 look like the Ritz Carlton.

I had to stay with my "injured steed," so I camped out in September in Kenora on the Lak

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