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Find APK: The Best Way to Download and Install Android Apps

There are many online sources that bundle APK files of popular apps with malware. So, make sure you download the APK from only the legitimate sources. A good place to look will be sites like APKmirror. The good thing about these online repositories is that you can find any version of the app you want, even if is a 2-year-old one.

But to be more specific to issue- when Android Studio could not find the APK file on disk or in files which means that Android Studio has successfully built the project and generated the APK, but for some reason, Android Studio is not able to find the required file.

find apk


(node:3954) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): CordovaError: Could not find an installed version of Gradle either in Android Studio,or on your system to install the gradle wrapper. Please include gradlein your path, or install Android Studio

Seems you dont have Installed Android Studio with correct Permissions or something?Ionic tried to install the gradle wrapper (which is needed to build an APK) because it couldnt find one on your Envrioment.Error: Promise Rejection. Which means that something with your Permissions is wrong.Either on your Envrioment or either with your Ionic or Android SDK.

Since Play Store is a full fledged app, so it contains a lot of activities. However, if you are testing a small app or some app which is in development phase, then it would not contain these many activities. So it would be easier to identify the main activity in that case. If you still find it difficult to identify the main activity, then you can always check back with your developers or use the first method that we have provided in this article.

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And there you have it, folks! Three methods to find your APK files on any smartphone. We hope you found this guide helpful and that you can now quickly locate your APK files. Remember always to be cautious when downloading files from the internet and to organize your files for easy access in the future. Stay tech-savvy!

6. Find a folder whose filename contains the package name of your app or game. After entering that folder, you will find a file named base. That is the one that you are looking for! We will take the game Black Desert Mobile for example.

7. After you find the apk file base, copy it to the Android Shared Folder which can be opened by clicking the Shared folder feature in the right toolbar and then clicking Android Shared Folder. The detailed steps are as follows:

Please note that sometimes you will find that the base file and additional APK files are in the folder named after the package name of your app or game. All of the APK files form a complete installation package of the app or game and so you have to copy all of them to the Android Shared Folder. For example, the picture below shows the base file and additional APK files of the game Clash of Clans.

After that, you will be able to find that the OBB files are stored in an folder that is named after the game's package name. For instance, Call of Duty Mobile's OBB file is stored in the following folder.

Valid Android APK files contain a signature which allows to identify the author of the APK file. This is especially useful when installing updates to already installed apps because it allows you to verify that the updated version comes from the same author.You can find out who signed the APK and other signature/certificate information with my cert

You can download APKs direct from the site, but it also comes with its own client which simplifies the finding, installing, and updating processes for you. This helps to make F-Droid one of the best alternatives to the Play Store.

Formerly known as APKHere, APKBe is the best APK site for foreign-language APKs that are not available in the default Google Play Store in your locale. Sure, there is plenty of English content for you to dig into, however, you will also find German APKs, Chinese APKs, Russian APKs, and a whole lot more.

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The My Files app automatically organizes your files into categories, making your documents easy to find. You can also look through your recent used files, search for a file by name or browse all the files you have saved.

The Clap to Find My Phone app features a call block feature that enables you to add any phone number to the blocklist that is contained within the app. That can be done either manually or by selecting the number from your contact list, giving you some peaceful time when relaxing. The call-blocking feature is helpful, can be tweaked with different options, and even offers users more ideas to keep their phones silent. Moreover, the clap-to-find-the-phone feature can be activated to help users locate phones more easily.

In order to know what package to install, one must be able to find packages.Alpine has a specialized web interface dedicated to looking through various available packages.However, apk also provides a built-in searching mechanism.You invoke it by using the apk search subcommand.You can potentially search for anything in the package index, which, among other things, includes provided binaries and libraries).Further, globbing is supported.As such, here are a few examples of searching:

Whether you are a developer or simply curious, this article will provide helpful insights and guidance on how to find the source code of an APK. This article will take you through common approaches and techniques for locating the source code of an APK file.

For Android users, finding the source code of any application on their device can be a complicated process. Many applications are distributed as APKs, with their source code not included in the download. Luckily, several methods can help individuals locate and access this source code.

An APK file contains all components necessary for the application to run, including the source code. Many developers use APK files to distribute their applications, but if you want to find the source code of an APK file, it can be done using a process called decompiling. Decompiling involves converting the compiled code to its original form so you can view and modify it.

You can use a package management tool to find and install software packages. In Amazon Linux 2 and Amazon Linux, the default software package management tool is YUM.In Amazon Linux 2023, the default software package management tool is DNF. For more information about Amazon Linux 2023, see Package management tool in the Amazon Linux 2023 User Guide.

Do you lose your phone regularly at home/office?Do you waste a lot of time in finding it?If yes, Clap to Find is an app just for you. Features:- Quickly clap 3 times to configure and get started- Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes- Customizable ringtone & volume- Customizable time for which the alert plays- Auto start app when phone is put on silent- Pause clap detection when not needed eg: in office hours- Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device- Customizable sensitivity- Widget for easy enabling/disabling- Low battery usageJust enable the app and free yourself from the tension of finding your phone. Now your phone will tell you where it is by ringing/vibrating/flashing, you just need to Clap to find it.

Trying to find the package name of an app installed on your device? Or the app is installed from a 3rd party source, then you can rely on the Package Viewer apps available on Play Store. We are using a well-known app called Package name viewer 2.0 for this tutorial.

If you find a solution that is not mentioned in this section or in Chrome DevTools Devices does not detect device when plugged in, please add an answer to that Stack Overflow question, or open an issue in the repository!

Android Application Bundles (AAB) are available for download on the release page by clicking the download button. If you need an installable APK file format, please use the install portal ( ) on your device. You can find the link underneath the generated QR code next to the download button.


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