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Download â Sandy E Junior â (2008) 17 Anos: A Tribute to the Brazilian Pop Duo

If you are a fan of Sandy E Junior, the Brazilian pop duo that started their career as children and became one of the most successful acts in Latin America, you might want to download their album "17 Anos", released in 2008. This album was a special commemoration of their 17 years of career, and featured some of their greatest hits, such as "Olha o Que o Amor Me Faz", "InesquecÃvel", "Imortal" and "Replay". The album also included a DVD with a documentary about their journey, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and live performances.

Sandy E Junior announced their separation in 2007, after selling more than 20 million albums and winning several awards. They decided to pursue solo careers and explore different musical genres. However, they never lost their connection with their fans, who still cherish their songs and memories. In 2019, they reunited for a limited tour called "Nossa HistÃria", which celebrated their 30 years of career and broke records of attendance and revenue. The tour was also documented in a series and a film, available on Globoplay.

If you want to download "17 Anos" and relive the nostalgia of Sandy E Junior's music, you can find it on various platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube. You can also follow them on Instagram (@sandyejunior) and watch their videos on YouTube (Sandy e Junior Oficial). Sandy E Junior are more than just a pop duo, they are a cultural phenomenon that marked a generation and influenced many artists. Download "17 Anos" and enjoy!One of the reasons why "17 Anos" is such a remarkable album is that it showcases the evolution and diversity of Sandy E Junior's discography. The duo started their career as children, singing country and backcountry songs influenced by their father, XororÃ, a member of the famous duo ChitÃozinho & XororÃ. Their first albums, such as "AniversÃrio do Tatu" (1991), "SÃbado à Noite" (1992) and "Tà Ligado em Você" (1993), reflected this style and appealed to a young audience. Gradually, they incorporated other genres into their music, such as pop, rock, R&B and soul. Their albums "Dig-Dig-Joy" (1996), "Sonho Azul" (1997) and "As Quatro EstaÃões" (1999) were huge successes and established them as teen pop icons. They also experimented with international markets, releasing albums in Spanish and English, such as "Sandy & Junior" (2002) and "Words Are Not Enough" (2003). Their last albums, such as "Identidade" (2003) and "Acústico MTV" (2007), showed a more mature and sophisticated sound, with influences from bossa nova, jazz and MPB.

Sandy E Junior's discography is a testament to their talent, versatility and longevity. They have won several awards and accolades, such as Latin Grammy nominations, Multishow Awards, MTV Video Music Brasil Awards and Prêmio da Música Brasileira. They have also collaborated with many artists, such as Andrea Bocelli, Enrique Iglesias, Gilberto Gil and Lulu Santos. Their songs have been featured in many soundtracks of movies and TV shows, such as "AcquÃria", "Estrela-Guia", "O Clone" and "AmÃrica". They have influenced many other artists, such as Anitta, IZA, Manu Gavassi and Tiago Iorc. Sandy E Junior's discography is a treasure for Brazilian music and culture. aa16f39245


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