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Hindi Movie Dhoom 3 ((NEW)) Full Movie Youtube

Indian film industry has completed its 100 years of existence on 13 th May 2013. An industry which started with silent films in 1913 with limited target audience has now started using 3D and other latest VFX technologies targeting audiences all across the globe. The first film released by Indian Film industry 'Raja Harishchandra' earned just a few thousand rupees where as a recent Bollywood movie 'Chennai Express' earned approximately 342 crore rupees (Net worldwide, 226 crores India collections plus 116 crores overseas collections) (Adarsh, 2013) . This shows a huge growth that Indian Film industry has experienced since its origin, as far as revenue is concerned. Not only this, the industry has experienced growth in every aspect as India is accountable for almost a quarter of total number of feature films made annually worldwide (Pan & Sinha, 2010). Initially, productions were created to produce movies but now individual producers have also started investing their money in making movies and earning profit or bearing losses themselves. Currently, corporate investors are also investing their money in movie production.

hindi movie dhoom 3 full movie youtube

'Dadasaheb Phalke' is known as the father of Indian cinema. He was the one who made 'Raja Harishchandra' and screened it in the Coronation theatre, Mumbai on April 21, 1913. It became a big hit and was later translated into eight languages. Further, Mr. Phalke released more mythological like, 'Bhasmasur Mohini' and 'Kaliya Mardan'. He was associated with almost every movie that was released at that time. In 1931, the first sound film Alam-Ara directed by Ardeshir Irani, was released at Majestic cinema in Mumbai. In total 28 films were made during the year. After that, Indian cinema has never looked back and is continuously rising. Now a days movie making is not just a creative process, but also a serious money making business. Major Film Industry in India comprises of Hindi films which is known as Bollywood. Many other regional film industries also exists in India viz. Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi. Certain neologisms have been coined for different regional industries such as Tollywood for Tamil & Telugu film industry, Tollygunge for the Bengali film industry. The Bengali film industry is notable for nurturing director Satyajit Ray, an internationally renowned filmmaker and winner of many National & International awards. Tollywood has also nurtured many eminent personalities such as Rajnikanth, Mani Ratnam & A.R Rahman who have contributed enormously to Indian cinema.

Earlier, movies were promoted by airing movie trailers on TV channels, advertising through Radio stations and by putting some hoardings in metro cities and posters in small towns & cities. The first Bollywood movie which earned more than 1...


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