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Days of torrential rains in south-west China unleashed floods and landslidesthat killed at least 19 people, the government said today. The downpours inSichuan, a province prone to seasonal flooding, fell non-stop from Thursday (2September) through to yesterday with more rain forecast, the official XinhuaNews Agency said. In addition to the 19 confirmed dead, 21 others were missing,the report said. Rescue work was under way. The rains also damaged farmland andreservoirs and caused severe traffic jams, it said. In the hard-hit county ofQuxian, rainfall reached ten inches by yesterday and caused $19 million indamage, the agency said.

6 September 2004. At least 79 people have been killed and 74 aremissing as torrential storms lash south-west China. Disaster relief officialssay at least 55 are dead and 47 missing in Sichuan province, while 24 peopledied and 27 are missing in Chongqing municipality. They say many of the dead andmissing are from Dazhou city. 041b061a72


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