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Climbing Malawis Mt Mulanji

Climbing Malawis Mt Mulanji ===

Yes, you are climbing a mountain and you need to concentrate. But I choose routes depending on the fitness of people, as you cannot hike alone up this mountain, so a good guide can make it better. Sometimes you are climbing high, about 1000 meters and sometimes the path is steep or difficult, which means you need a decent level of fitness. Some very fit people like to go to Sapitwa, the highest peak of Mount Mulanje, others just like to do around the mountain. So there is something for everyone.

After climbing up a final huge hill, we cruised downhill for 30 minutes and eventually reached a wooden hut around 4pm. This would be our home for the night. From here we would launch our summit attempt tomorrow morning.

The terrain was much more difficult than yesterday. This is solid Class III climbing. That means that some moves could be aided by a rope, although it was not necessary. The initial rock slope was about 2,000 ft tall and took us about an hour to climb. We weaved through rock faces and even walked on sheer rock faces. We were very lucky that the rock was dry.

Most of the rock is a uniform granite, and in the absence of frost shattering, there are few cracks to place protection. Between good climbing in the larger crack and chimney systems with adequate protection, blank sections are encountered with only grass tufts for holds or running belays. A good number of bolted routes exist (though bolts were placed in the 80s).

We came to Tuchila around 3 pm and decided to have a rest, we had been climbing since 2 am! We bumped into some Lilongwe friends, which was a real unplanned treat and made sure we shared some food and drinks whilst watching the most beautiful sunset we had seen all trip! An early dinner and early bedtime, Nicolle was asleep before her head hit the pillow at 8 pm, the mountain had finally tired us out!

The escapism of not having signal, the views, the mental and physical challenge of climbing the peaks and the joy at completing it is unparalleled. The fresh air and mountain springs, the amazing mountains of food we were served each day, colourful flowers, beautiful birds, the promise of a serval around each corner from signs of the night before!

Mount Mulanje is located approximately one hours drive south of Blantyre, making it an ideal place to visit if you have limited time. The drive to the mountain is very scenic passing through tea estates along the way.Rising up to 3,000 metres, Mount Mulanje is one of Malawi's most spectacular sights, with its highest peak being Sapitwa at 3,002 mtrs. The mountain covers an area of more than 1,000 sq km. On its slopes grow the Mulanje cedars, some of them over 200 years old. Deep gorges, impressive waterfalls and trout streams cut their paths from its heights, while in the lush foothills are tea plantations. The Chambe, west face direct, is claimed to be one of the longest rock climbs in Africa, offering 1675mtrs of roped climbing.There are a couple of regular routes climbed, starting at Likhubula Forestry Station these are the Skyline Path to Chambe Basis and the Lichenya Path to Lichenya Plateau.Did you KnowThe famous Author Tolkien wrote The Hobbit shortly after climbing Mount Mulanje

The Massif is popular for hiking and climbing, and has several mountain huts scattered across it which are maintained by the Malawi Mountain Club and the Malawi Forestry Department. Sapitwa peak was first climbed in 1894, and is now the most popular climb on the plateau.

Mt. Mulanje, Chambe West Face, First One-Day Ascent, Previously Unreported. We arrived at Mt. Mulanje in August, 1998, with one goal in mind: to climb the largest rock face in Africa in a single day. Alard Hüfner and I had been climbing and establishing new routes on the granite domes of Mozambique for the last month, and we felt that our granite climbing skills were as good as they could get. At 3 a.m., we left Likabula Forest Station with our guide and headed out on the dark potholed road to the base of the


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