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FEATURES: Assassin Creed - The most renowned video game franchise on the planet. A modern-day historical thriller where you fight to survive as an elite Assassin, whose only loyalty is to his Order, and the mission is to protect the ones he loves. City - Renaissance-inspired, Rome provides a rich canvas for a living, breathing adventure. Master the art of stealth, combat, navigation and problem-solving to unravel the secrets of this incredible city and liberate your life. Brotherhood - Comprised of some of the greatest heroes and legends of the past, the Assassins Brotherhood is more than just a team - its an organization that believes in making a difference and making a better future. Take on the role of an Assassin and help free your people from oppression. Combat - Ezio can slice and dice his way to glory, with deadly combination attacks that devastate his enemies with over 40 weapons, including dual-wield melee weapons, firearms, and powerful special abilities. System - The AC Unity engine is the most advanced game engine in the industry, and the most immersive game world ever created. New gameplay systems, such as the actual physical simulation of attacks, enemies react to your actions, and the dynamic weather system is all part of a bigger story. Freedom - Every aspect of the game and its world has been crafted to set it apart. Explore a sprawling open world, free to play and explore. Take on the mission to free the people from oppression, and join the fight to make a better future. Rewards - Players have the chance to earn exclusive and unique rewards throughout the game, like special feathers that can be used to unlock unique bonuses in the Brotherhoods Training School, and armor pieces and wigs that can be worn in-game. 3d9ccd7d82


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