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Cims Drug Book 2012 Pdf

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processing.... var drug_clName=["Hemostatics","Vitamins, Fat-Soluble"];var drug_clID=["239","357"];var drug_brName=["Vitamin K","Mephyton","AquaMephyton"];var drug_brID=[]; Drugs & Diseasesvitamin K1 (phytonadione) (Rx)Brand and Other Names:Vitamin K, Mephyton, more...AquaMephytonClasses: Hemostatics; Vitamins, Fat-SolubleShareEmailPrintFeedbackCloseFacebookTwitterLinkedInWhatsAppwebmd.ads2.defineAd(id: 'ads-pos-421',pos: 421);webmd.ads2.defineAd(id: 'ads-pos-2017',pos: 2017); SectionsSections vitamin K1 (phytonadione)Dosing & UsesInteractionsAdverse EffectsWarningsPregnancyPharmacologyAdministrationImagesPatient HandoutFormularyDosing & UsesAdultPediatricDosage Forms & Strengths tablet 100mcg 5mg injection emulsion 2mg/mL 10mg/mL Nutritional Supplementation Recommended daily intake (RDA) 153554b96e


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