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How EngView Package Designer Can Boost Your Packaging Design Workflow

If you are a packaging designer, you know how challenging and time-consuming it can be to create and communicate your designs to clients and production teams. You need a software solution that can help you design faster, easier, and more accurately, while also providing realistic 3D visualization and integration with graphic design tools. That's where EngView Package Designer comes in.

EngView Package Designer is a CAD/CAM software for structural design and preproduction of boxes and POP/POS displays. It is part of the EngView Packaging Suite, a modular solution that can be customized to meet the needs of different professionals involved in the packaging industry. EngView Package Designer offers a wide range of features that can optimize your packaging design workflow, such as:

A searchable library of parametric standards for folding carton, corrugated board, frey board, and PVC. You can easily resize and modify any design from the library, or create your own from scratch using the powerful drafting module.

A realistic 3D presenter that lets you visualize your designs in 3D, with the product inside and graphics applied. You can also share your 3D models over the browser with colleagues and customers, or export them to 3D rendering software.

An integration with Adobe Illustrator that allows you to apply artwork onto your structural drawings and then verify the results in 3D within the Adobe environment. You can also generate production files with high resolution images using the step and repeat functionality.

A layout optimizer that helps you arrange your one-up designs onto the sheet in the most efficient way, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity. You can also use the display nesting feature to automatically place multipart POP/POS displays onto the sheet.

A cost estimator that calculates production cost according to customer-set parameters and rules. You can also generate reports and quotations based on your cost estimation.

EngView Package Designer is a software that can help you dream, create, and succeed in your packaging design projects. It is available for Mac and PC, with cloud shared space and subscription plans. You can start your free trial today by visiting or contact EngView Systems for more information.

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of using EngView Package Designer for your packaging design projects. We will also show you some examples of how EngView Package Designer can help you create stunning and functional packaging and displays for different products and industries.

Benefits of using EngView Package Designer

EngView Package Designer is a software that can help you streamline your packaging design workflow and improve your productivity and creativity. Here are some of the benefits of using EngView Package Designer:

Save time and money. EngView Package Designer allows you to design faster and easier, using parametric standards or custom structures. You can also reduce material waste and production cost by optimizing your layouts and estimating your costs.

Enhance communication and collaboration. EngView Package Designer enables you to share your designs in 3D with your clients and production teams, using the browser or 3D rendering software. You can also integrate your designs with Adobe Illustrator and generate high quality files for printing and cutting.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. EngView Package Designer helps you create packaging and displays that meet your customer's expectations and requirements. You can also impress your customers with realistic 3D models that show how your designs look like in real life.

Boost your creativity and innovation. EngView Package Designer gives you the freedom to experiment with different shapes, sizes, materials, and graphics for your packaging and displays. You can also access a library of display designs t


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