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Almighty and all merciful God, create me a new heart. Throughout the week You have reassured me in the scripture from the prophet Jeremiah of Your everlasting love. Give me the grace today to have a pure, clean, undivided heart. A heart that is always pleasing to You, not a divided heart. Give me a mind and heart that thinks and sees as You do. Because I am human I always seem to struggle to think as You do. Assist me to see my blind spots. If You wish, you can allow me to grow in grace to see things as You do, to see things in a much wider and broader view. I ask this in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen.ugust

Uldyssian had destroyed the Triune, but the Cathedral of Light was next. After Uldyssian's Edyrem clashed with and destroyed Inarius's inquisitors, Inarius finally descended from his tower and confronted Uldyssian and his army. Inarius first used his overwhelming presence as an angel in an attempt to convert the Edyrem to his side. Uldyssian quickly used his bond to the edyrem to flush them with confidence and outsmarted Inarius. Both Uldyssian and Inarius used magic leading up to and during the battle but when facing each other one on one, they simply relied on infusing their bodies with magic and brawling. Even though Inarius was bonded to the Worldstone and therefore exponentially more powerful than a normal angel, Uldyssian could hold his own. This caused Inarius to lose confidence and slowly he gave way to Uldyssian's attacks. As they fought, there was a tear in the sky as the Heavenly Host finally entered Sanctuary. In his madness, Inarius was only concerned with destroying Uldyssian no matter what cost and therefore ignored the armies of angels. Uldyssian was distracted by the armies and Inarius seized the opportunity. Inarius grabbed the human ready to strike the final blow but just as he was about to, Uldyssian's entire body infused with energy. Inarius sensed Uldyssian was doing something drastic and he was right. Uldyssian changed the very essence of the Worldstone, destroying the bond it shared with Inarius. Without his bond to the Worldstone, Inarius was drastically weaker and Uldyssian easily defeated him, capturing him in a prison. Afterwards, Uldyssian sent both angels and demons from Sanctuary and the Angiris Council convened to decide the fate of the nephalem as well as Inarius. The Council agreed to an armistice between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells to allow time for the nephalem to mature and decide for themselves which side they would aid in their own free will. In this deal, Inarius was also taken into Mephisto's custody, presumably to be tortured for all eternity.[2]

By this article, I can only presume that the only character flaw you see in Lady Macbeth is a guilty conscience. Nobody disputes that Jezebel was a powerful woman, brutally and autocratically advancing her ambitions through her husband, or that she was zealous in the faith of her childhood. It goes completely against the text with no justification to suppose that she held religious plurality and tolerance as ideals; the massacre of Hebrew prophets and suppression of the native religion seem perfectly in line with her character, even as interpreted here. Similarly, the incident with the vineyard of Naboth does not stretch credulity nearly as much as you assert; show trials are clearly possible to orchestrate in autocratic states.

These events are the possible events that are going to occur over the coming week/s. Beware that rewards shown here are only a guess of what the actual event rewards might be or they are the rewards that were offered the last time event was on. Currently leaks regarding the next event appear on Idle Heroes offical facebook Tuesdays approx.

NOTE: the rewards shown here are old event rewards and placeholder examples only. If Chinese new year event did not start the week before if might be here due to china celebrating this festival for o


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