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What makes this possible is the development of intelligentprogrammable logic controlleers (PLC) and software that can change theparameters for industrial process control devices. "Flexibility can beimparted to any process where the parameters of the products are known andcan be mathematically modeled for the numerically based controlequipment," explained Gene Norman, a member of the Process Measurementand Control division of the Instrument Society of America. As a consultant,Norman has developed a variety of mathematical models to provide flexibleprocessing control in industries including papermaking, oil refining, andchemical processing.

A number of control instrumentation manufacturers have developedprogrammable logic controllers and software to provide flexible processcontrol. Not coincidentally, these systems are designed to receive inputfrom sensors made by those same manufacturers.

The basic configuration of programmable logic controller,software, and sensors is common to these flexible process control systems.The difference lies in the application strategy of the system manufacturer.For example, GE Fanuc Automation North America Inc. of Charlottesville, Va.,has designed flexible process systems that specialize in the batch processingof fluids, while Omron Electronics Inc. of Schaumburg, Ill., has createdsystems to control the processing of discrete parts. The flexible processcontrol systems of Jumo Process Control Inc. of Coatesville, Pa., serve avariety of industries, while those developed by the Industrial Instrumentsdivision of Barber-Colman in Loves Park, Ill., specifically target theplastics industry.

Cimplicity BCS is the latest member of GE Fanuc's Cimplicityfamily of plant floor monitoring and control software, which was introducedin 1987. Before Cimplicity BCS, systems integrators incorporated PLCs withCimplicity software and developed application software for batch processingsystems used by the pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer goods, and foodprocessing industries. One systems integration company, Numina Systems Corp.of Burr Ridge, Ill., developed a batch procedures module for Cimplicity toautomate the toothpaste processing lines at the Chesebrough-Ponds plant inChicago. This module runs on the Unix system with Cimplicity and initiatesand monitors control tasks on five PLCs. The Chesebrough-Ponds laboratorywrites the recipes for the products; an operator at one of five X-terminalsselects the appropriate recipe and starts it.

Processing facilities where Numina Systems has implemented batchautomation systems using Cimplicity software and Series 90 PLCs include theMorton International chemical plant in Chicago, where the antifungal agentBiocide is made, and Alberto Culver's Franklin Park, Ill., shampoo andhair conditioner factory.

The Dicon controllers can use Jumo's own SVS-100 or KSWsoftware package, or other software packages. Data from Dicon can bedownloaded to computers and displayed or printed, said Gunnar Oberg, a salesmanager and electrical engineer at Jumo. 153554b96e


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