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Free Free Download Questasim 6.6

We offer multiple licenses to design with our FPGA and SoC design tools. Most of the software tools and FPGA IP cores are freely available but a few high-value IP cores and resources needed to work with high-density FPGAs require paid licenses.

free download questasim 6.6

In this webinar, you will learn the importance of a complete CDC methodology to produce error-free silicon, the 3 common areas where CDC paths have functional errors, and methods for effective CDC verification.

Hello, My name is Ketan Dhimmar and currently doing Masters in VLSI and Embedded system design. My project is based on Verification. and for that I am using questa sim 6.6d. Now,in my project, I want to integrate C model and Verilog using PLI. For understanding, I am taking example of this fibonacci..." C:\questasim_6.6d\examples\verilog\pli\fibonacci". in which i found some problems. First of all, The verilog program used some data types of system verilog which gives error while doing simulation. I have removed that error by copying whole .v code into .sv file. The problem with 'C' file. can you suggest me how can I integrate C model with System Verilog. while adding C file to the project it gives following error.** Error: (sccom-95) Your installation directory does not contain the appropriate GNU C++ compiler. Download and install the tarball from the ftp site ( I can resolve it? I have already downloaded it but dont know where to paste it.

** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(21): near "[": syntax error, unexpected '['** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(23): near "=": Syntax error.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(25): near ";": Syntax error.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(26): near "=": Syntax error.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(27): near "=": Syntax error.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(28): near "=": Syntax error.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(48): near "++": Operator only allowed in SystemVerilog.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(57): near "++": Operator only allowed in SystemVerilog.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(70): Undefined variable: results.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(71): near "++": Operator only allowed in SystemVerilog.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(77): near "++": Operator only allowed in SystemVerilog.** Error: C:/questasim_6.6d/examples/verilog/pli/fibonacci/fibonacci.v(78): BEGIN - END required around task/function statements


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