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Lord Foul's Bane Audio Book

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Lord Foul's Bane Audio Book

It has been 30 years since Stephen R. Donaldson first introduced Thomas Covenant to legions of fans across the world, but it took Audie Award-winning narrator Scott Brick to bring THE CHRONICLES OF THOMAS COVENANT to the audiobook world.

Scott Brick has fond memories of Donaldson's series. The first time he read the first book in the series, LORD FOUL'S BANE, Scott was so wrapped up in the story that he skipped studying for college finals to finish the book. (Don't worry, he graduated just fine.) Now Scott is able to give back to fellow Covenant fans by bringing the first Thomas Covenant trilogy (LORD FOUL'S BANE, THE ILLEARTH WAR, and THE POWER THAT PRESERVES) to audiobook, as well as FATAL REVENANT, the eighth book in the series.

The Ranyhyn are the great horses of the Land. In the early books these horses live on the Plains of Ra, though in the age of the Sunbane they leave the Land altogether. They are protected by their human servants the Ramen. The Ranyhyn are akin to normal horses, but are larger, always have a star and are in some indefinable sense enhanced by the Earthpower of the Land, so that their speed, endurance and intelligence outstrip those of a standard horse. The Ranyhyn can be ridden by individuals they deem worthy, but a person who seeks such a mount must travel to the Plains of Ra and offer himself to the horses for consideration. If a Ranyhyn accepts a rider, it is loyal to that rider until death. All of the Bloodguard (apparently) are accepted by the Ranyhyn, but not all Lords have been deemed worthy. The Ranyhyn also have a limited ability to perceive the future; these horses can "hear" when their rider will need them, hearing their calling days or weeks before the rider makes the call. Thus, when the rider summons his Ranyhyn, it appears shortly thereafter, regardless of the distance between them.

All audiobooks are sent through USPS First Class and will arrive at your hands between 7 and 10 days after your purchase (usually much sooner than later). A link will be sent so you can track your product online.

This is a great WW2 story line for being a part of the Pacific theater. I was captivated from the first audio book. History unfolds before you. Real events are the foundations for the personal story. Having served in the Navy, I was back on board ship, in the boats, and smelling the tropical islands once again. These are all well written with great knowledge of the military, the history of the war, and lore of the seas. I look forward to rereading and re-listening to the series. I must for any Military history buff.

When I saw that this website claimed to have the audiobook of The First Man In Rome by Colleen McCullough, narrated by Jill Tanner, I was skeptical. I have looked high and low on the internet and this unabridged recording of the book is IMPOSSIBLE to find, at least where I live in the US. Most services (and all the libraries I checked!) only have the recording of the abridged version, read by a male narrator, which has been universally panned by readers as a bad abridgement. I decided I would take a chance, and ordered the CD set. (I include all this detail because I know there are others like me who periodically scour the internet for this recording.)

Motion. Audiobooks. Came. THROUGH. The CD's they sent were the real deal, the recording I had been looking for fruitlessly on the internet! Even better, I was able to buy the whole series on CD for less than I normally spend on a single audiobook. I can't tell you how excited I was!

Now, the audiobook itself was a little difficult to listen to for modern ears. I believe it was recorded in 1991, and distributed in a quality that made the file size small enough to fit on a few CD's - at the cost of audio quality. The high end of the audio has been clipped, so it sounds a little like hearing someone talk through a phone connection. However it's tolerable, and you get used to it. The other issue for me was t


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