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Bosch Motronic Me73h4 Pinout Diagram |LINK|

last but not least and very important: if the ecu fails completely and the two fuel pumps fail to start the vehicle, the ecu can be replaced with any other ecu produced during the first three months of production. this is a fact that many people do not know. if you happen to have such a failure your car insurance will pay for replacement of the ecu and even the fuel pumps. if you happen to be in the first 3 months of production and your car is repaired completely without having the ecu replaced the insurance might not even pay for the replacement of the ecu and the fuel pumps.

bosch motronic me73h4 pinout diagram

Download File:

ecu (electrical control unit) and all the wiring diagrams are located under the floor of the car. in the case of the e30 a box is built for the ecu. if you do not have this box then you can open up the trunk lid (under the car) and remove the whole floor. start removing and opening up the floor. ecu might be covered by carpet and/or a metal cover, this cover should come off. many people mistakenly forget to do this, so they end up not knowing what the ecu is. look for wires for the driver side near engine and for the passenger side near the passenger air bag. look for 1 wire per ecu. remove all the wires carefully.

ecubackup reads the data off the ecu and writes it to a file. to my understanding, it is also capable of reading data from a file and writing it to the ecu. it can also read/write pids and data specific to each ecu. it can also read the data specific to each ecu and read pids specific to each ecu. it can read or write to/from an external file.

the file format is relatively simple and is text based. it has three columns. the first column is the pid/data name, the second column is the value and the third column is the status. the following is an example of the data that ecubackup can save.


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