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Preschool Prep 7 DVD Set.torrent

Preschool Prep 7 DVD Set.torrent ->>>

Preschool Prep 7 DVD Set.torrent

If a young child learns to love the melodies of the songs she hears on the radio, she may be able to listen to music with a new appreciation. An integrated approach to music education in preschools explores music as a source of joy, empowerment, and emotional growth. A framework of music education is provided for teachers in public and private preschools, alongside eight thematically organized music education units.

Preschool math and phonics skills are developed and enhanced with the 5 fun activities included on the DVD set. Pre-Kindergarteners will want to learn the 5 operations and 5-10-20-30-100 skills. First graders will want to learn basic addition, subtraction and multiplication skills and the five operations. Pre-schoolers can practice their phonics skills at the 2 pie press, the balloon and the writing table. Teens can work on multi-digit subtraction and multiplication skills at the chart, see how long it takes for the metal bucket to fill and the time bank. Young children and special needs children can practice counting with the stars and the moon, metal bucket, pie press, balloon and the writing table. The activities are fun and developmentally appropriate. This DVD set includes a materials list, a lesson outline and 5 interactive activities. Your child will have a lot of fun and build great math and phonics skills during the day, while having so much fun!

This set includes 31 activities (20 for preschoolers and 11 for older children). In the Pre-Schooler activities, your pre-schooler will learn about states, capital cities, a country, and more by playing the games. The games also teach about some of the most common colors in peoples eyes, most common numbers, special things about Colorado, and more. In the High School activities, your high schooler will learn how to do a postelopsie & vitals exam, find the most common objects and animals in the world, learn what the first two digits mean, and more. The activities in this set are perfect for any age! 3d9ccd7d82


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