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Hanna Barbera Sound Effects Library Download ^NEW^

Despite their famous shows, Hanna-Barbera was also hugely known for their large library of sound effects. This sound effects library features a collection of the most famous sound effects from Hanna-Barbera's animated series (such as ricochets, slide whistles, etc.). They also had familiar sounds used for transportation, household items and more. Not all of the sounds have originated from H-B, though, as some of them originated from other companies (like Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, MGM, Warner Bros.) before H-B acquired them to its library.

Hanna Barbera Sound Effects Library Download

Some of their famous sound effects included a rapid bongo drum take used for when a character's feet were scrambling before taking off, a zing-out whistle used for when Fred Flintstone would throw a bowling ball, a "KaBONG" sound produced on a guitar for when Quick Draw McGraw, in his Zorro-style "El Kabong" crime fighting guise, would smash a guitar over a villain's head, the sound of a car's brake drum combined with a bulb horn for when Fred Flintstone would drop his bowling ball onto his foot, an automobile's tires squealing with a "skipping" effect added for when someone would slide to a sudden stop, a bass-drum-and-cymbal combination called the "Boom Crash" for when someone would fall down or smack into an object, a xylophone being struck rapidly on the same note for a tip-toeing effect, and a violin being plucked with the tuning pegs being raised to simulate something like pulling out a cat's whisker.

Starting in the 1960s, other animation studios began using the sound effects, most notably Warner Bros. Animation since their cartoons resembled the early 1960s H-B productions, as well as their offshoots/rivals such as Ruby-Spears, Filmation, DiC Entertainment, Film Roman and Chuck Jones Enterprises using them a lot, with some others such as Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Walt Disney Television Animation, Hasbro, and many others. After the success of Wacky Races in Japan and a few collaborations with Toei Animation, several major anime studios adapted to using the sound effects.

By the 90s, almost every animation studio was using the sound effects. Some shows used them sparingly, while some cartoons and non-animated shows such as Nelvana's The Magic School Bus, Spumco's Ren & Stimpy, Warner Bros. Animation's Krypto the Superdog, Turner Feature's Cats Don't Dance, J.C.Staff's PaRappa the Rapper: The Animation, as well as some video games such as Nintendo's Mario vs. Donkey Kong and Paper Mario series, Naughty Dog's Crash Bandicoot Trilogy for the Sony PlayStation, the Humongous Entertainment titles, and The Learning Company's Kid Pix series all make heavy use of the classic sound effects, mostly for a retro feel. Some Hanna-Barbera sounds show up in various sound libraries such as Valentino (i.e. their 1987 50-CD library) and Soundstorm.

Hanna-Barbera Records (the studio's short-lived record division) released an LP album for radio stations to use in 1965 entitled Hanna-Barbera's Drop-Ins, which contained quite a few of the classic sound effects, along with dialogue samples from their "Cartoon Series" albums. In 1973, and again in 1986, Hanna-Barbera released a second sound effect record set, a seven-LP set entitled The Hanna-Barbera Library of Sounds, which, like the previous set, contained several of the classic sound effects. Like the previous set, this was only available to production companies and radio/TV stations. The 1986 version was also available as a two compact-disc set.

In 1993, the last president of the studio, Fred Seibert recalled his early production experiences with early LP releases of the studio's effects, and commissioned Sound Ideas to release a four-CD set entitled The Hanna-Barbera Sound FX Library, featuring nearly all of the original H-B sound effects used from 1957 to 1992, a more vast collection compared to the early LP releases (including the sounds H-B had borrowed from other studios). The sound effects were digitally remastered so they would sound better on new digital soundtracks. A fifth CD was added in 1996, entitled Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures, and featured more sound effects, including sounds from Space Ghost and The Impossibles. Also in 1996, more of the sound effects were available on the Turner Entertainment Co. Sound Effects Library.

Also in 1994, Rhino Records released a CD containing some of Hanna-Barbera's famous sound effects, titled simply as Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Sound FX, and also included some answering-machine messages and birthday greetings and short stories starring Hanna-Barbera characters, and was hosted by Fred Flintstone. In 1996, it was reissued with the Pic-A-Nic Basket of Cartoon Classics CD set, which also contained three other CDs of Hanna-Barbera television themes, background music, and songs from The Flintstones. Here, the CD was relabeled as The Greatest Cartoon Sound Effects Ever.

In the 1980s, Hanna-Barbera slowly began to cease using their trademark sound effects. This was especially true with the action cartoons of the time, such as Sky Commanders. By the 1990s, the sound effects were sometimes nonexistent, being replaced with newer, digitally recorded sounds (mostly from The Premiere Edition Volume 1, and The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library), along with the Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library. A few early 1990s cartoons continued to use the sounds, such as Tom & Jerry Kids and The Addams Family. This largely attributes to Hanna-Barbera beginning to outsource their post-production audio services to outside companies, such as Three Rivers Editorial, Twenty-First Century Entertainment, Advantage Audio, Horta Editorial & Sound/Hacienda Post, Salami Studios, Skywalker Sound, and others.

Several of the classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects still pop up from time to time in some of Cartoon Network Studios' productions, and even in WB Animation shows like Wabbit/New Looney Tunes and Teen Titans Go!, as well as modern anime series. In some revivals of legacy of Hanna-Barbera properties such as the recent Scooby-Doo series and the 2017 Wacky Races series, the Hanna-Barbera sound effects are very rarely used, with some only showing up once or twice an episode (although Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? made heavy use of the sound effects as an intentional retro feel, along with Jellystone!.)

Anime uses them as well (most commonly in comedy series), though generally not as often as western animation. Some anime, like Love Live! Superstar!!, don't use Hanna-Barbera sound effects at all.

Hanna-Barbera Lost Treasures Sound Effects is a CD of great sound effects from the classic cartoons and superheroes of the 60s and the 70s. This collection of over 350 priceless cartoon sounds, many of which have not been heard or used in more than twenty-five years, have been digitally re-mastered to create the newest addition to the Hanna-Barbera Sound FX Library. Just like the rest of the collection, many of these timeless sound effects have been produced by legends in the business like Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, and sound designers Greg Watson and Pat Foley.

Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library is jam packed with more than 2,200 sound effects - available on either 4 CDs or as a download. It features all the great sounds that have become synonymous with legendary cartoon shows like The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, and all the rest of the cartoon sound effects gang. The comprehensive comedy sounds collection also includes, for the first time, Hanna-Barbera's top-ten list of the most popular sounds used at their studio and a fascinating booklet containing priceless behind the scenes interviews with cartoon pioneers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Hanna-Barbera's team of editors and Sound Ideas' engineers worked hand in hand to select only the very best cartoon sound effects for this collection. All of the effects have been digitally re-mastered with state-of-the-art noise reduction techniques to make them cleaner and funnier, than ever before.

The Hanna-Barbera Sound FX Library from Sound Ideas is a downloadable collection featuring the classic cartoon sound clips from the Hanna-Barbera archives. The collection includes more than 2,200 sound effects from legendary cartoon shows like The Flintstones, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, and more.

Are you working on a cartoon video for kids or some animated action cartoons? Use the cartoon sound effects to add more intensity and emotions to the videos. Every time creating a new sound effect for your cartoon video becomes difficult.

From Sounddogs, Hanna Barbera sound effects library, you can find over 2200 cartoon sound effects that are divided into 4 CDs. It has almost all the legendary classic cartoon sound effects from the cartoon shows like Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, the Flintstones, The Jetsons, Quick Draw McGraw, and all the rest of the gang.

In FreeSFX website, you can find a range of comical cartoon sound effects that includes classic effects like descend, boink, impact, pop, musical, running, rip and snap, bounce spring, slide whistle, squelch and splat, horn and loads more.

With over 1980 cartoon sound effects, the GRSites is one of the best free sites for downloading both mp3 and WAV files. You can browse from a range of categories to find the best cartoon sound effects for your videos.

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You can click on the cartoon sound effect and listen to it or add it to your playlist. But, if you wish to download the free cartoon sound effects, you need to register and pay to use the sound effect.


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