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Pugwash - The Olympus Sound (201 2021


Pugwash - The Olympus Sound (201 2021

Pugwash's Power Pop Masterpiece: The Olympus Sound (201)

Pugwash is an Irish power pop band that has been making catchy and melodic songs since 1999. Their fifth studio album, The Olympus Sound (201), is arguably their best work to date, featuring contributions from Ben Folds, Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, and Dave Gregory and Andy Partridge of XTC. The album showcases the band's knack for writing hooks, harmonies, and clever lyrics, as well as their diverse influences ranging from The Beatles to ELO to The Beach Boys.

The Olympus Sound (201) was released in Ireland by 1969 Records and EMI on 19 August 2011, and received critical acclaim from various media outlets. The Irish Times hailed it as "the best Irish album of the year to date" [4] while Hot Press said it was "the best thing [Pugwash] has ever done" [2]. The album was also nominated for the Choice Music Prize 2011, an award given to the best Irish album of the year. [10]

The album title refers to the fact that frontman Thomas Walsh recorded the initial demos for The Olympus Sound on an Olympus voice recorder and, instead of reworking them into more a polished form, was convinced by bandmate Tosh Flood to send them to him as they were. Flood then used the demos to record some instrumental parts, which ended up being used on the final version of the album. [11] The cover artwork is taken from a 2010 painting called The Unseen, by British artists and married couple Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings. [12]

The Olympus Sound (201) consists of 15 tracks that showcase Pugwash's diverse musical palette. The album opens with "Answers on a Postcard", a catchy and upbeat song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. "There You Are" is a lush and dreamy ballad that features Ben Folds on piano and backing vocals. "To the Warmth of You" is a sunny and breezy song that recalls The Beach Boys' harmonies and arrangements. "Fall Down" is a power pop anthem that features Neil Hannon on backing vocals and Dave Gregory on guitar. "Be My Friend Awhile" is a Beatlesque pop song that features Andy Partridge on guitar and backing vocals. "Dear Belinda" is a quirky and humorous song that Walsh wrote as a birthday present for British actress Belinda Stewart-Wilson. "15 Kilocycle Tone" is a psychedelic and experimental song that features Partridge on guitar and sound effects. "I Don't Like It But I Gotta Do It" is a rocking and energetic song that expresses Walsh's frustration with touring and performing. "Here We Go 'Round Again" is a collaboration between Walsh and Partridge that features Partridge on guitar, vocals, and co-writing credits. "Such Beauty Thrown Away" is a melancholic and reflective song that features Hannon on backing vocals. "See You Mine (Coda)" is a majestic and epic song that features Folds on piano and backing vocals. The bonus tracks include "Four Days", a romantic and nostalgic song that features Folds on piano; "Heal Me", a soulful and heartfelt song that features Hannon on backing vocals; "Happy Again", a cheerful and optimistic song that features Gregory on guitar; and "Waltz With Me", a wistful and elegant song that features Folds on piano.

The Olympus Sound (201) is a power pop masterpiece that showcases Pugwash's talent, creativity, and versatility. It is an album that deserves to be heard by fans of pop music everywhere. aa16f39245


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