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Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

Twisted Metal 2 Pc No Cd 11

the dark past is the documentery on the game. sometimes numbers flash during which when decoded say TWISTED METAL IS COMING TO PS3 and what it means that they know what the future will bring is twisted metal (likely a updated version of harbor city) is the next game and its on ps3. and the plane thing was likely a hoax. ( March 13? i bet it was friday it happened right?)

twisted metal 2 pc no cd 11

hey monokoma, there is this guy on blogspot called miles woods who has some additional screen shots of the sweet tooth story, showing a medical wing, a strip club, and an additional shot of the impound lot with a police officer. just look up twisted metal 2 harbor city on google images and click on the image on the very right


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