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Weebly Buy Domain ((TOP))

Thank you! My domain name is On the ICANN lookup page, it shows as the registrar. They're the ones who told me it is registered by weebly. If it is on a 60 day hold, is there any way to tell? I didn't change my contact information, but at this point that might be the issue.

weebly buy domain

Maybe you can help me! I purchased my domain from Godaddy back in 2019 and transferred it to square/weebly. now I'm transferring it to a florist host and I've been waiting days to hear back from the weebly advanced support team on switching the account to a direct personal account with at this point i just want them to either make the domain public since i already unlocked it and ill have process the transfer or just weebly just finish doing whatever it is. I've been dealing with this for over a week and have been waiting almost 2 days for a update for the support team. i do have a case number. i just don't understand why they wont let me have my domain and set it to public so i can transfer it out. HELP

This is an official notification from the Weebly account team in regards to the account under this email address.You currently have a free Weebly website published on a custom domain (or vanity URL) and are not subscribed to a paid Weebly hosting plan. As of March 28, 2023, sites connected to custom domains are required to have a Weebly hosting service plan to remain published.What does this mean for you?To keep your site published on a custom domain, you will need to purchase a paid Weebly service plan subscription. If you take no action and choose to remain on a free Weebly plan, your account information and all associated site content will remain intact and accessible to you within Editor, but your site will be unpublished on March 28, 2023 and will no longer be visible to visitors or connected to your custom domain. You will need to republish your site on a free Weebly subdomain to make it publicly visible again (ex: 041b061a72


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