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[S4E3] I Walk Away

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Zooming toward the veterinary hospital, Daryl fiddles with the radio and happens upon a voice. Distracted by the realization that someone else is still out there, he fails to notice the obstacle course of walkers that has appeared on the road and gets the car hung up on a pile of fallen dead, their brains and fluids making a slippery crimson mass on which the tires spin and spin.

Carol notices that they are low on water and informs Rick about it, with the two agreeing to clean the cistern the next day. Rick cautiously approaches Tyreese to comfort him and apologize for his actions, but Tyreese is still frustrated with Rick's inaction and walks off. Maggie Greene tearfully reports Glenn's illness to her sister Beth, who assures her sister that they have jobs to do, as their father always says. Hershel, with the help of Carl Grimes, retrieves elderberries to make tea to act as a remedy for the sick. The two encounter two harmless walkers; Hershel advises Carl not to kill them, as it is unnecessary. Tyreese, after guarding the infected survivors from Karen's killer, bids farewell to a sick Sasha and leaves with Daryl's group to get the medicine. He tells Carol, who offers him condolences, to watch over Sasha for him, but after he leaves, Carol breaks down in tears.

Maggie sees her father approaching the quarantined zone, and chastises him about possible exposure, with support from Rick. Hershel counters by saying that they always risk their lives every day: the only thing they can do now is decide what they are risking it for, with his being his ability to save the lives of the infected. Rick investigates the murder scene, and notices a bloody hand print. While driving to the college, Daryl talks to Michonne about hunting for The Governor when they suddenly hear a voice over the car radio repeating the words "Sanctuary... those who arrive...survive..." A distracted Daryl drives into a horde of walkers, forcing the group to leave their vehicle, except for a morose Tyreese. Tyreese eventually snaps out of it, but is overwhelmed by the walkers, forcing the remaining three to leave him. However, he miraculously survives the swarm and regroups with the others.

After Rick rescues Carol, who had recklessly gone out of the prison to clean the pump on her own, from walkers, Rick tells Carol that he has noticed how far she is willing to go to protect the group of survivors. He then asks her if she killed Karen and David. After a brief pause, she responds with a simple "yes," and then walks away silently.

After leaving Percy's mother, Ambrose visited Caroline, a former roommate of Percy's. A flashback (a common feature in The Sinner) showed the girls out clubbing, marking Percy's first night out on the mainland. On the drunken walk home, Percy told her new housemate, she felt "cursed."

So with only one more installment to go in this abbreviated season, how do you see things working out? Will Gillian sell up and move on? Is the John-Judith-Caroline triangle for real or will the ever-practical Caroline walk away from them both? And what of Celia and Alan? Will their love survive this rough patch or were they really just star-crossed from the start? Let the chatting begin!

Glenn suggests to Hershel that, with Karen and David dead, the infection may have been cured after all. Sasha suddenly leaves C-Block, coughing violently. She assures Hershel that she will go to A-Block - where all the sick people are being isolated - to see Dr. S, who is revealed to be sick as well. At the meeting the following morning, the council eventually reach the consensus that they need antibiotics in order to start the treatment. Hershel mentions that there is an animal hospital facility that may have what they need and may have been overlooked by scavengers, however it's 50-miles away. Glenn starts to show symptoms of the flu.

Outside, Carol is pumping the water, pointing out to Rick that the pump's intake hose, which is outside the fence, is sucking up mud. T


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