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The Genesis Children Full [HOT] Movie 31

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The Genesis Children Full [HOT] Movie 31

genesis attempts to take control of the world by summoning the bahamut, a legendary dragon that was sealed over 10,000 years ago. genesis enthralls and manipulates the dragon to fulfill his desire for power. when the bahamut is killed by angeal, genesis discovers the process is imperfect and feels even more trapped. he discovers the possibility of cloning, and attempts to create a duplicate of angeal in the hopes of becoming as powerful as sephiroth. later, genesis begins to believe that zack is the true "hero" he seeks to save the world from, and wishes to protect him from sephiroth to prevent him from killing him.

genesis begins to suffer from genetic degradation that was caused by his imperfect infusion of jenova's cells and becomes weaker. he continues his attempt to clone angeal, but is unsuccessful. when zack fights the bahamut, genesis enthralls it into attacking and kills the rogue soldier first class.

tom corvus is a citizen of the city of alexandria. he wields the durandal, which was found in the walls of the city. he is one of the main characters in final fantasy vii and also the protagonist in final fantasy viii and final fantasy ix. a member of shinra's elite mercenary organization, the shinra brig, he is sent by sephiroth to assassinate cloud and the other rebels. he is defeated by zack and a party of his former comrades, and is sent to the lost city of ardania. there, he is captured by rufus shinra and is made into a prototype host for sephiroth's new jenova gestalt. he later escapes from his cell and fights sephiroth, along with the other protagonists, but is ultimately defeated and left for dead. in the sequel, final fantasy vii advent children, he is a main character and a soldier third class who battles the antagonist sephiroth alongside cloud. 3d9ccd7d82

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