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Silverfast 6 6 Nikon Serial No

nikon coolscan16361094 232 KBSame image as above but cropped in to show detail. Nikon Coolscan V ED. 4000ppi saved as a 48bit TIF and converted in NLP. lots of noise/static in the skin tones. looks like film grain but way cranked up.

Silverfast 6 6 Nikon Serial No


For this one only has to follow the statements on the screen (choose "Automatical software installation"), and after a reboot of the system the scanner is operational. Now one could at once do the first scans using QuickScan. Because also the SilverFast-software is included in the delivery contents, one should of course install this one, too. This is going on easy alike and after entering the serial number stuck on the CD-case everything is done and one can get started.

silverfast are unclear about which version of 8 actually works with 5400 mark one. does the software use its own driver to see your minolta? you cannot use dimage software on windows 10 32 bit and silverfast stopped 32 bit support so a bit fogged. anyone care to tell me their current setup? or i go mac?

Price is a bit steep but since they are tuned to each scanner I can understant. You do need to watch for how you set up the various color spaces. DO NOT us the NikonLS5000 profile. I just stuck with Adobe RGB. ProPhoto even seemed to ahve some problems that I need to sort out with the silverfast people.

I have a Nikon CoolscanLS5000 with the SF-210 auto slide feeder hooked up to a dedicated PowerMac G5 running Leopard (10.5.x). My project is to scan about 25,000 transparencies. A year ago I got through about 20,000 with the Nikon supplied software. It was a painful process. Crashes, jams, etc etc. If I could get through about 100 or 150 slides w/o a mishap I was lucky. The stack loader holds about 50 sowith 4 minutes a scan, every few hours or so I would "top it off". It took about 2 years to get through 20,000 then I had a one year hiatus. In November I wanted to finish the project off. When I started the G5 had OS 10.3 or 10.4 on it. Now with OS 10.5 the Nikon s/w was kaput. No technical support at Nikon, nada. So I plunked down the money for silverfast Ai Studio. I've had experience with the Epson V750 version for larger negatives and transparencies. Downloaded product. Skimmed the manual which is pretty convoluted to be kind. Ian Lyons on the web has good advice. In any case I needed to find a tweaking set up that could be untouched for the 5000 slides left. Fortunately, nearly all are well exposed, etc. I had already tossed about 75% of my slides when they were first processed. I used an artist's camel hair or sable hair brush to give the slides a quick clean - some are 45 years old. Tried the iSRD dust removal technique in SF. Worked like a charm. Careful comparison of 2005 blow up of before and afer did not reveal ANY loss in sharpness, color, etc. I am scanning at 4000 dpi yielding a 115Mb file. I use the multiexposure technique and settled on about 60% color tint removal and a small boost to the darkest parts of the slides. That's it. BUT - after a shortwhile the program began to crash. After a week or so of back and forth with the very helpful people in Germany, theysent me a somewhat fixed up version of the program and said I should delete every last trace of the Nikon scanning software. That was a couple of weeks ago. SInce then I have scanned nearly 2000 slides at 3 minutes a slide, not 4 as with the Nikon scanner. No crashes, no glitches, no problemas. nada. Except for a few times when the slide feeder hung because of problems with the slide mount. AMAZING. A million times better than the Nikon s/w ever was. But you might ask, how about the results? LOVELY, better than Nikon as well. Admittedly with use of constant set of parameters some slides could use some tweaking. But for overall archiving and quick prints they were great. Images I will use for exhibts I'll probably rescan on an as needed basis with individual twekas. For now it seems that simple adjustments with LR 2.6, Photoshop, and/or VIveza do the job very nicely, again only as needed. I haven't tried the HDR version yet but may do this in the near future. WHo should buy this?? Anyone who has a signifcant amount of scanning to do, esp. if you own a Nikon scanner like I do. I'd guess that other slide scanners will work equally well.


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