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Does Shane Company Buy Jewelry

Yes, they only trade certified diamonds, making it worth it.Can Shane company replace my stolen jewelry?If you provide a police report about your stolen jewelry, Shane will allow you to replace your stolen jewelry at a discount price.Where does Shane get their diamond?They have had a family diamond cutter for the past 70 years.Can I buy original Gold at Shane company?Yes, they do; although their gold is worth $14000, any jewelry less than that price has only 50% of gold.

does shane company buy jewelry

Shane Co. is a company with a rich history behind it and offers a wide range of jewelry products. In a modern world of information technology, retailers need to up their game and digitalize in order to stay relevant.

Of course, this also means that Shane Co does not sell any diamonds with questionable origins and ensures that all stones have been ethically sourced. This is what makes Shane Co stand out from other jewelry stores: in addition to offering quality pieces that are sure to last through the years, they are also committed to ensuring their diamonds are conflict-free and offer excellent customer service.

Shane Company provides best value on quality diamonds, engagement rings, jewelry, diamond earrings, rings, sapphires, anniversary rings, rubies, pearls, ...For four generations, Shane Co. has prided itself on outstanding customer service. When I started the company, I was determined to offer the best benefits in the retail jewelry industry. Those benefits are why our customers keep coming back to Shane Co. again and again, year after year.

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - November 09, 2015) - Shane Co., the largest family-owned jeweler in the United States, kicked off a new radio campaign today featuring company founder and CEO Tom Shane in a new role as "radio talk show host." Each 60-second spot includes a caller who tells Tom that he's getting an appliance or other unromantic gift for the woman in his life, much to the disappointment of the gift recipient who is also on the call. Tom saves a potential disastrous holiday by informing the caller that Shane Co. has the toys she really wants: stylish and exclusive jewelry, including sterling silver pendants, exquisite diamond earrings and classic pearls.

The company has put a special emphasis on what women really want for Christmas, and is offering hundreds of gifts for the biggest holiday collection of fine jewelry ever. Each store is being transformed for the holidays and will carry real Italian gold, sexy sterling silver, natural gemstones, colorful sapphires, cultured pearls, diamonds with superior sparkle and exclusive styles created by the company's world-class designers and artisans. 041b061a72


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