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Learning His Lesson By Ellen Brooks

Benjy Brooks was born in the small north Texas town of Lewisville in 1918. As she recalled later in life, from the moment she performed operations on her sister's dolls with manicure scissors at the age of four, she never wanted to be anything other than a doctor. In fact, she was so eager to learn as a child that her mother gave her reading lessons on the back porch of their farmhouse well before she had reached school age. After learning to read by age four, Brooks earned her B.S. degree from the North Texas State Teacher's College at the age of nineteen. She went on to earn an M.S. from the same school two years later. After four years teaching high school science to students hardly older than herself, Brooks decided to enter the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1944, where she received her M.D. degree in 1948. Dr. Brooks rose quickly through the difficult field of pediatric surgery. She accepted residencies at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Medical Center in Boston, and went on to become one of the first women to enter the department of surgery at Harvard. After spending 1957 in Glasgow, Scotland, studying pediatric surgery at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Dr. Brooks returned to Boston. She was not entirely happy there, however, and in 1960 she decided to return home. At this time there were only two other pediatric surgeons in Texas, and Brooks became the first woman of the group.

Learning His Lesson by Ellen Brooks

This assistant professor says the expertise of Loyola's marketing faculty and the lessons and experiential learning they provide to students are critical components in preparing them for their futures 041b061a72


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