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How to Use Cheats in NullDC 1.6 Beta No Verification for Dreamcast Emulator

Now let's go into that issue. On the SADX version, there is no change to the textures on his feet, knee caps and lower legs. There is however one texture on his chest, so I tried altering that, but it didn't work. So instead, I just copied the proper texture off the SADX version, and put it into the NullDC beta port.

Dreamcast emulator NullDC 1.6 beta cheats no verification

When Beta does the ramming attack, the effect around his body is less vibrant in the ports. For some reason its blue on the Gamecube and dark grey in the PC port. If you look closely, you can see that the Dreamcast version of the effect is properly textured, while the SADX version is not:

Thank you for the explanation though, I can fix the probelm now, but I still have another question: the final nullDC 1.0.6 beta uses video plugin called nullvideo 0.9.19. this one is the best i know so far, but it doesnt support gamma or temperature control, also many games are still showing up only on black screen, and when i try to open a blank file from the backup, i get an error message "this file is not a valid game format" even though when I open a known game, it works just fine. but with this one nullvideo 0.9.18, i can open a couple of games, including San Francisco Rush Hour, but when i tried to control the players speed or time, the games freeze/crash, or get black screen, and maybe some games work, but they get out of sync a lot, and some games dont even respond to the controls at all. so is there any fix to this problem? or another plugin with these features? thanks for the help.


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