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Gotye, Like Drawing Blood Full Album Zip

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Gotye, Like Drawing Blood Full Album Zip

the second thing i noticed about the album is that it is a bit messy. the songs are too long, and a couple of the songs are more than 20 minutes long. in other words, the album has too many songs and is not really an album. an album should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. i think that the album would have been better if it were an ep. i might like the album more if it were an ep. i can also understand why the album has such a long length. it was released after all, and cant be rushed. if it was released before, it might have been rushed.

while the album is quite difficult to find, it is worth the trouble. if you are looking for a new album to add to your collection, this is probably a good place to start. there is a good amount of variety on the album, and the music is well made.

i am also very happy to announce that i have released a new album titled like drawing blood on itunes. i have posted a youtube link to the video for the song soldiers which will be released as the single for the album.

the new album of gotye, like drawing blood, will be released on may 17, 2012. the album is produced by danger mouse, and will be released by universal music. the album is the first one in two years for gotye, whose last album, making mirrors, was released in march 2010.

the album will be released as a standard cd and as a deluxe edition. the deluxe edition will include a bonus disc with a live version of somebody that i used to know, with vocals by kimbra. a bonus dvd will include the video for the single like drawing blood, with the music video, live performances and behind the scenes footage. 3d9ccd7d82


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