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Al Mujam Al Mufahras In Urdu Pdf 15 ((LINK))

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Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras: A Comprehensive Index of Quranic Words

Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras li Alfazh Al Quran (ØÙمØØم ØÙمÙÙØØ ÙØÙÙØØ ØÙÙØØÙ) is a classical Arabic work that provides an alphabetical index of all the words in the Quran, along with their derivatives and meanings. It was compiled by Muhammad Fuad 'Abd Al Baqi (مØÙ…Ø ÙØØØ ØØØ ØÙØØÙÙ), a renowned Egyptian scholar of Quranic studies, who died in 1968 CE. The book was first published in Cairo in 1364 AH (1945 CE) by Dar Al Kutub Al Mishriyyah (ØØØ ØÙÙØªØ ØÙمصØÙØ), and has since been reprinted several times by various publishers.

The book is divided into two parts: the first part contains the index of the Quranic words, arranged according to the Arabic alphabet, with each word followed by its root, its grammatical analysis, its frequency in the Quran, and its meanings in different contexts. The second part contains a list of the Quranic chapters and verses where each word occurs, along with a brief explanation of its usage. The book also includes an introduction by the author, where he explains his methodology and sources, and a table of contents.

Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras is considered one of the most comprehensive and reliable works of its kind, and has been widely used by scholars and students of the Quran for decades. It is especially useful for those who want to study the Quranic vocabulary, understand its nuances and implications, and appreciate its eloquence and beauty. The book is also available in PDF format online[^1^] [^2^], as well as in other languages such as Urdu[^3^].Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras has many benefits for those who want to study the Quran and its language. Some of the benefits are:

It helps to find the meanings and explanations of any word in the Quran by showing its occurrences in different verses and contexts.

It helps to understand the grammatical structure and derivation of the Quranic words by showing their roots, forms, and patterns.

It helps to appreciate the eloquence and style of the Quran by showing the synonyms, antonyms, and rhetorical devices used in the Quranic expressions.

It helps to explore the themes and topics of the Quran by showing the related words and concepts that are connected in the Quranic discourse.

It helps to compare and contrast the Quranic words with their usage in other sources such as Hadith, poetry, and literature.

Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras is not only a valuable tool for scholars and researchers, but also for students and laymen who want to increase their knowledge and love of the Quran. It is a treasure of Quranic vocabulary that can enrich one's understanding and appreciation of the divine revelation.Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras can be used in various ways depending on the purpose and interest of the user. Some of the ways are:

It can be used to find the primary sources of any Quranic word or phrase that one comes across in other books, articles, or social media. For example, one can use the method explained by[^1^] to find the Hadith that contains the word تÙØÙØÙÙمÙÙÙ (your smile) by looking up its root letters ØØم in Al Mu'jam Al Mufahras.

It can be used to study the Quranic words and their meanings in depth by comparing their usage in different verses and contexts. For example, one can look up the word ØÙتÙÙ (olive) and see how it is used in seven different verses, and what meanings and implications it has in each verse.

It can be used to learn about the scientific miracles and benefits of the Quranic words and concepts by referring to other sources that explain them. For example, one can look up the word ØÙتÙÙ (olive) and then read about its medicinal properties and health benefits from[^2^] or other reliable websites.

It can be used to enhance one's Arabic language skills by learning new words, synonyms, antonyms, grammatical forms, and patterns from the Quranic vocabulary. For example, one can look up the word


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