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Blue Goose

Established in 1984, Blue Goose Cantina brings together fantastic made-from-scratch Mexican food, legendary cocktails, top-notch service, a fun atmosphere, and a kick-ass attitude. A division of Peterson Management Group, a family-owned and operated restaurant management company, Blue Goose currently has seven North Texas locations with an additional location opening in early 2023. For more information, including menu and locations, visit Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and promotions. #bluegoosecantina

blue goose


We wanted to bring you a blue goose floater that looked great and didn't break the bank. The one piece design gives the durability any waterfowl hunter wants from a decoy. The decoys are rocking a new carve and paint scheme that is detailed and realistic.

I picked up the blues last year, only bought one combo pack. I used these in certain situations, and call it my micro spread. I only put out 22 Fbs and shoot snows. We were to dry to have any sheet water last spring, that is how I really want to use my micro spread. If I could post a picture I would show the outcome of such a realistic spread. These decoys are supper durable and look like they should fly. 041b061a72


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