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Buy Head Tennis Racquets Online

As one of the longest-running tennis equipment brands in the world, we know there are many different types of tennis players. Our job is to make a racket for each one of them. Wilson offers four key racket lines that each focus on a specific performance benefit, those being Precision, Feel, Power and Control. Once a player knows what benefit they are looking for out of their racket, we have varying weights and head sizes that provide an additional level of customization for any type of player.

buy head tennis racquets online


Intermediate players can start to reduce their head size and add a little more weight to their racket as their tennis muscles develop and they learn to generate more pace on their own. Doing these two things will allow them to keep their new-found power under control.

Not only do we offer the best online prices available for Head tennis rackets but we also offer a free string upgrade worth 30 on selected Head rackets. This is a unique service from All Things Tennis which you won't find with other retailers.

This part of the racket holds the strings together, and it is where the tennis ball will be hitting. Though the head sizes of rackets differ, the normal head size is between 95 to 110 square inches. The size of the racket can influence how a player plays. The bigger the head, the more power your strike will have, but the big head size makes the racket hard to swing. Its counterpart, the smaller heads have weaker power, but allows you to increase the speed easily and have more control.

The strings are usually at the head's center of any racket. This is where the ball hits before bouncing out. Many tennis rackets sold online come with the strings already connected to the frame (strung) of the racket or can be bought separately.The strings can determine how your game will go, as the materials used in making the strings, the thickness, and the strings wear determine the control, power, spin, and lots more.

Like everything manufactured by man, the tennis racket has its raw materials. Many rackets sold online are aluminum rackets. They are made from several alloys, like Silicon, copper, magnesium, and chromium.

A standard racket has a grip size from 4-1/8 to 4-5/8 inches. You can measure your grip size by holding the tennis handle with the Eastern forehand grip. This is done by placing your palm precisely on the same level as the strings. Read a detailed article on how to choose the best grip?There are numerous grip measurements of rackets like 4 inches, 4 1/8, 4 1/4, 4 3/8, 4 1/3, 4 5/8. When you measure your grip size, you can then buy the tennis racquet with such a grip size.The racket composition, size, and other parts of it determine how well a player will swing. To get the best tennis rackets, you don't have to head to a landed shop or store, you can easily buy online.Rackets may be one part of the tennis instruments, the tennis balls are another part. The nivia tennis ball and woods tennis ball are good balls that are easy to swing and are made from a two-piece rubber shell that has been filled with pressurized gas. The tennis ball's rubber shell is then coated with wool or nylon. The tennis ball obeys the ITTF standard of weighing between 2 oz and 2 1/6 oz and having a diameter of between 2 1/2 and 2 5/8 inches. If you want to know how to take care of the racket then read this detailed article.

As mentioned, all things equal, the heavier the racquet, the more power it will offer. As a result, heavier racquets tend to feature smaller head sizes and flexible frames that allow advanced players to find power through full swings and proper technique while maintaining excellent control.

As a player swings a head heavy racquet and makes contact with a tennis ball, the extra weight helps provide a greater force on contact. It also helps maintain a reasonable level of stability to prevent the racquet head from moving or twisting dramatically.

A balanced or equal balanced racquet is where the weight of the tennis racquet distributes equally throughout. Balanced racquets try to strike a happy medium with enough weight in the head to provide power and stability, while at the same time providing enough weight in the handle to help prevent excess shock and vibration.

Using a measurement instead of points allows for a better comparison between different length racquets. For example, a 27-inch racquet and a 29-inch racquet can have a 4 pt head light balance, which can cause confusion, which a centimeter measurement eliminates.

First off, take some time to understand the different types of tennis racquets: power, control, and tweener. Doing so will help you learn about the common characteristics that tend to make up the different types of racquets and help limit the number of options.

As a general rule, players that are looking to reduce shock and vibration to their arm will opt for racquets with heavier frames that feature HH balance and lower stiffness ratings. The combination of these attributes will typically lend themselves to more comfortable tennis racquets.

These rackets are a step up from beginners rackets and suit players starting to play regular competitive or friendly tennis. The rackets are generally made from the same premium materials as the expert categories, in a more user friendly package, which includes bigger headsizes, lighter weights and thicker beams.

Now that you have an idea of the weight, head size and balance that you need, you can use the filters on any of our tennis racket product pages to narrow down the selection. The number of options you will be left with will depend on the combination of specifications you require as rackets are made with presumptions in mind e.g. if someone needs a heavy racket it is also likely that they will need a smaller head size, or if someone needs a very light racket it is also likely that they will need an even or head heavy balance.

If you still unsure, you may consider popping into our London store to get a feel of some of the rackets, or make use of our online tennis racket demo policy to try a racket before committing to a purchase. You may also contact our team who will be more than happy to advise you.

The Ultra 108 v3 blends a lightweight construction with all-new PowerProfile geometry to create a frame that engages a variety of tennis players. The extra surface area afforded by its generous head size not only provides added forgiveness, it delivers an added dose of power with the longer string bed. Inverted Power Rib throat geometry, Sweet Spot Channel and Integrated Perimeter Weighting System all comprise the new PowerProfile geometry and work to maximize easy power and torsional stability within a super lightweight, arm-friendly layup. Developing juniors, doubles players and anyone experiencing arm discomfort can find significant value in the Ultra 108 v3. 041b061a72


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