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Download Wii Games

The Wii Shop Channel allows you to download Wii Channels, WiiWare titles, Virtual Console games and redeem Nintendo Points, as well as obtaining other downloads (subject to availability). A broadband internet connection is required.

Download Wii Games


It was as fun as it was unusual. The sensitive bars placed under the telly made games such as boxing and tennis so practical and engaging. In terms of graphics, the Wii offered resolutions that were pretty standard, nothing to take you off your feet, but the leap was not necessary at the time.

The best Wii games lied in the eyes of the beholder. It is simply a daunting task to rank all the games, some might say it is foolhardy. Nintendo Wii games were prepped to twist and turn your attention with the glamour and grandeur of playing games in that era. Here are some of the classic titles:

Putting it another way, we are talking about playing Nintendo Wii ROMs on your modern PC or smartphone, instead of sifting through thousands of Wii console sell ads only to fall on a faulty machine. That means playing Wii games in whatever environment you think is a nice option for you.

These ROMs are available for windows and Mac computers as well as iOS and Android devices. You just need to download and install the right Wii ROM files for whichever operating system you are running. The process is also a familiar one, with the only exception of turning off your antivirus or defender momentarily.

To be clear, ROMs are not exactly a legal piece of software to download and install to your device except you already own a hard copy of the game. In fact, the millions of gamers running these applications definitely downloaded them from a corner somewhere on the internet and we recommend you own a copy of your game before downloading it from here.

Besides, we have a huge base of customers numbering in the millions, downloading Nintendo Wii ROMs to millions more of smartphones, tablets, and computers to play old games on modern devices. The secret is to source these files from a trusted source, vet each file for malware, and collect customer feedback for improvements and suggestions.

So, in case you've forgotten about the cool Wii U eShop games that really need to be on your system, we've picked out some gems to pique your interest. Keep in mind we've focused on games that don't have a Switch port here.

The first one must have done reasonably well, as here we had a sequel. NES Remix 2 actually had less featured games (12) and less challenges, but upped the ante in terms of its features. It had rather enjoyable Miiverse support (we miss you, Miiverse) and arguably the range of games was stronger, and if you have both games you get an added 'Championship' mode.

@techdude I want them to do that SO BADLY. I hate that I'm currently trying to manage which Wii U and 3DS games I have to prioritize. If they had everything at $0.99, I'd buy stuff that I currently have no intentions of doing so.

I'm glad DuckTales Remastered is mentioned in the comments (and is now added to the list); it's a must. I didn't pick up many Wii U eShop games outside of VC titles, but out of this list I wholeheartedly recommend Tengami and Year Walk.

@dustinprewitt if you buy it you should be able to still download it past the march 2023 expiration date, but who knows for how long. definitely gives you some time to invest in some sort of hard drive

@ThomasBW84 I was worried that it might have gotten de-listed. Glad to know it's still there! There were quite a few games I discovered to be de-listed as I was going through my wishlist.... mostly from the TG16 library

There were a whole bunch of other games I was excited to name drop that I've gotten for my wii u over the years, only to remind myself that they're still available on either the switch or ps4. Off hand, there's the shantae games, axiom Verge, freedom planet, shovel knight, severed, citizens of earth....

I'll through in my 2 cents on a few of these.Totally agree and you should buy them: Nano Assault and Star Fox Guard (it was as fun as Zero was terrible).Absolutely disagree: NES Remix, games were chopped up into such tiny bits, is was pointless and not fun at all. Tengami, it's beautiful to look at, but honestly, I was bored playing it.

Ducktales and Star fox Guard have physical retail for USA version. Also, Duck tales is available on PS3 & XBOX 360.I already have Dr Luigi but I almost never touch it as I almost never consider digital only games are exist even I have purchased them.

Yeah they need to do a new NES Remix for Switch (and a SNES Remix while they are at it). I had virtually all of the games in it on VC but it was a lot of fun playing the bite-size chunks and challenges of the games.

So happy to see Affordable Space Adventures get a little bit of the love it deserves. I would add that it was codeveloped by Nifflas and knapnok games, with the latter handling the sublime control scheme, if I recall correctly. Unbelievably beautiful game in every respect.

I'm going to get some of these, but I'm a bit worried about how long they'll even last on my Wii U. After living abroad for a couple of years I booted it up when I got back and the downloads wouldn't open for whatever reason. Re-downloading them fixed it, but won't be able to do that forever. Guess I'll keep it plugged in and try and actually play them.

I have most of these games....It's been so long that I've forgotten about them until seeing this list. I just ordered a really big sd card and am going to head up to my attic, break out the wii u, and get everything downloaded. Feels like the "real" death of the wii u, and 3ds. I'm going to make sure that I get all of the content that I truly want to play before they shut down.

Both NES Remix games are available on a single disc, so that will still be available after the eShop closes, though I can't predict its future value on the secondary market. That's another one I should pick up, I guess.

Well I have twelve of the games in the list. surpised the Two Trine Games where not in the List. I know there still in the EU eshop.And if you buy one I think they offer a discount for the other one. For me though I want to get Captain U as its one of the last games, though there is the new game Nintendo life previewed last Month to come, bit unfair for that developer, as now his game will up for like less than a year.

@dustinprewitt The delisted TG-16 games are pretty much all Irem games (Ninja Spirit, Image Fight 1&2, R-Type, etc.). They were taken off in 2020, I believe, only 2 years after they were offered. I'm not sure if something happened to the company and had to turn over the IPs or if they were just dissatisfied with the sales.

@RCMADIAX But they weren't YOUR games were they? They were freeware and you basically just copy/pasted in order to make money. And then you went crazy and flooded the eshop. I liked your own physics puzzle game. Don't remember the name. You should have believed more in yourself and try to bring quality rather than a quick sorry dollar.

@ElRoberico I went through the list of Wii U and 3DS exclusives and prioritized them. I did this when I first heard of the closure in March. I made a monthly list of about the same sum of money worth of games by a prioritized order of interest.I've gotten down to tier 4 of my list, and it's still dozens of titles. Got some out of the set order during discounts or physical copy availability. In ways I'm ahead of schedule already.

@IronMan30 Without meaning to trash the Wii U, it was my favourite system ever at the time, it probably also means that, like me, you mainly played the Wii U and got most games for it that were remotely interesting.

Two games on here I'd strongly second is Nano Assault and Star Fox Guard. Nano Assault is a great shooter and graphically, it looks AMAZING! Star Fox Guard didn't make a good first impression, but about a year after I bought it, I got sucked in and now I absolutely love it. It also makes for an interesting novelty because of how it was designed around the gamepad. It's one of the few Wii U games that I don't see really being possible on Switch or any other traditional console.

Don't own many of these but good choices. I mostly went for games like Rush (Wii U exclusive), Edge (PS Minis and Wii U), Life of Pixel (unsure what else it's on). Captain U (had to get one of the last Wii U eshop games before the Reversi game and others came out afterwards).

@RupeeClock I mean not for anyone with a half a brain. They make it so you have 0 reason not to mod your console at that point and if you can't actually buy the games non-second hand any longer...makes it simple to never fear of missing out since there's lots of archives and other places with the games available.

Always intrigued by Pandora's Tower on Wii. It is available as a WiiU download, and physical copies are now very expensive. Should I take the plunge??Also I loved some of the TurboGrfx16 shmups, and they will disappear with the demise of the Virtual Console...

I don't understand what people see in NES Remix. The "challenges" before you unlock the Remix stages are almost entirely nothing but mind-numbing tutorials that are set up for you to succeed in. Remix stages were barely anything more than that. Maybe it's because I grew up with the NES, so I know how these games play, but that has got to be the biggest disappoint I've actually purchased in the last 15 years.

As of March 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, it is no longer possible to make purchases in Nintendo eShop for the Wii U system and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. It is also no longer possible to download free content, including game demos. Furthermore, related services also ceased to function at various dates:

Even after March 27, 2023, and for the foreseeable future, it will still be possible to redownload games and DLC, receive software updates and enjoy online play on Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. 041b061a72


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