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How To Pass The Kotor Kashyyyk Star Map Test LINK

How to Pass the Kotor Kashyyyk Star Map Test

If you are playing the classic RPG game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Kotor), you might be wondering how to pass the Kashyyyk Star Map test. This is a puzzle that you have to solve in order to access the ancient Star Map, a key element of the main quest. In this article, we will explain the logic behind the test and give you some tips on how to solve it.

How to Pass the Kotor Kashyyyk Star Map Test

What is the Kashyyyk Star Map Test?

The Kashyyyk Star Map test is a challenge that you encounter when you visit the planet Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees. After exploring the Shadowlands, the lower level of the forest, you will find a hidden computer terminal that belongs to an ancient alien race called the Rakata. The terminal will ask you a series of questions that test your understanding of their culture and philosophy. If you answer correctly, you will be granted access to the Star Map, a device that shows the location of the Star Forge, a powerful space station that can create an endless army of ships and droids.

How to Solve the Kashyyyk Star Map Test?

The Kashyyyk Star Map test consists of four questions, each with four possible answers. The correct answer for each question is based on the Rakata's worldview, which is influenced by their history, technology, and biology. Here are some clues that can help you figure out the right answer:

  • The Rakata were once a dominant and ruthless civilization that conquered many worlds with their advanced technology. However, they also suffered from a plague that stripped them of their connection to the Force and caused their empire to collapse.

  • The Rakata valued strength, power, and domination over other species. They believed that they were superior to all other life forms and that they had a right to exploit them for their own benefit.

  • The Rakata were also highly intelligent and curious. They sought to understand the secrets of the universe and to harness its energy for their own purposes.

  • The Rakata had a unique biology that allowed them to regenerate and adapt to different environments. They also had a natural affinity for machines and could interface with them directly.

With these clues in mind, here are the questions and answers for the Kashyyyk Star Map test:

  • Question: We are guardians of knowledge and power. We must test those who seek our secrets. You have come far in your journey but do you understand what it is you seek? Answer: I seek knowledge of things powerful and ancient.

  • Question: The secrets of the Star Forge are not easily discovered. The path you have chosen to walk is difficult - intentional or not. It matters not. You are here now. We will test you - not for your worthiness - but for your understanding of what it means to be Rakata. Answer: I understand what it means to be strong.

  • Question: Long ago we abandoned our technology out of respect for life. We turned away from machines and embraced nature instead. But we could not forget our past completely - we left behind monuments such as this one - places where we could remember our history...and our folly. Answer: You left behind these monuments so you could learn from your mistakes.

  • Question: You understand much of what it means to be Rakata but there is one thing you lack. You have not yet experienced what it means to truly dominate another being - to make them your slave through sheer power or will. Answer: I do not need to enslave anyone - I am strong enough without slaves.

If you answer all four questions correctly, you will pass the Kashyyyk Star Map test and gain access to the Star Map. Congratulations!


The Kashyyyk Star Map test is one of the most interesting puzzles in Kotor. It reveals some of the history and culture of the Rakata, an ancient alien race that played a crucial role in the galaxy's fate. By solving this puzzle, you will not only get closer to finding the Star Forge, but also learn more about yourself and your own values.

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