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Cedar Noise Reduction Plugin

I use it for dialogue noise & ambience reduction in video editing inside Final Cut Pro and works great. I wish it was native like some other plugins in SPARK so I wouldn't have to carry around my UAD interface.

cedar noise reduction plugin

Clarity Vx Pro clears the audio using an advanced deep learning algorithm that delivers good results. The main central knob, which activates the suppression, allows you to dial the amount of reduction you want. Besides noise removal, this control shares another interesting feature, the ambiance preserving option.

This suppression is achieved by the aforementioned deep learning technology, which introduces different functionalities. This plugin version comes with three Neural Networks that focus on different aspects. Three separate networks focus on different aspects of noise reduction.

Vocal processing is not an easy task, and removing noises or unwanted elements from a recorded track can be very difficult to achieve. Glady, we have plugins like Waves Clarity Vx Pro, which makes heavy use of neural networks and algorithms to get the job done.

Brusfri is a modern noise reduction plugin that allows you to clean up your tracks with an intelligent algorithm that identifies unwanted noise and suppresses it. This plugin comes packed with a very intuitive and straightforward interface to make everything easier and smoother.

Dialogue is a fully automatic noise reduction plugin designed exclusively for voice. It features an algorithm that works in real-time to suppress background noise. This plugin is ideal for podcasts, interviews, and even singers.

WNS noise suppressor is a zero-latency noise reduction plugin that can suppress noise in dialogues, podcasts, interviews, and most spoken recordings. It features six adjustable bands to attenuate the unwanted noise depending on the frequency. Additionally, the display provides lots of information for accurate monitoring.

This plugin is ideal for dialogues and post-production. If you want a musical or less aggressive noise suppressor, this is not the right option for you. Nonetheless, video editors will love this plugin, because it reduces the noise with minor modifications to the voices.

Simply applying it to the track will decrease the noise level. Be aware that it might also change the output level of the desired audio, so you might need to correct it. Luckily, you can fix it right inside this plugin and tweak the amount of noise removal for three frequency bands if you need to.

Spectral De-noise is a noise removal plugin for removing hiss sounds, background noise, ground loops, fans, winds, and other sounds from electronic equipment used in your recording system. It also has an adaptive mode for automatic noise reduction, or you can set the threshold and reduction the amount yourself.

De-crackle is created to remove any continuous set of clicks or noise in an audio signal, with parameters like Quality (low, medium, and high), Strength, and Amplitude skew. The plugin is easy to use, with a click of a few buttons and can help you free your audio of any crackle noise/sounds.

Izotope has greatly improved in providing the ideal tools for noise reduction with the RX10 Advanced bundle. In addition, audio post-processing and enhancement have never been so easy, smooth, and efficient. With re-synthesizing and recovering missing frequencies to generating and displaying speech transcriptions, the bundle is a great buy!

It can remove unwanted background noise from audio recordings, such as hiss, hum, or static. The plugin uses advanced algorithms to analyze the audio and remove the noise while preserving the original audio as much as possible. It consists of two main modules: Noise Reducer and Easy Gate, designed for specific cleaning purposes.

The plugin has various features, including Spectral Analysis, EQ Matching, Adaptive Mode, and Real-time Processing, that make it a powerful tool for noise reduction. Additionally, the plugin has a user-friendly interface and can be used in various DAWs and video editing software.

Bertom denoiser is a plugin designed for music, podcasts, and post-production. This plugin comes with five independent EQ bands and low and high-cut filters. To use this plugin, you must adjust the threshold and the individual bands that can work either linked or independently.

The NR800 has a classic mixer-style interface with sliders for each band, with mute and solo buttons. It allows you to customize noise reduction with bias modes, noise reduction range, and response controls. With the faders, you can adjust the noise reduction amount and detection threshold.

This Apollo exclusive plugin combines noise suppression technology created by Cedar with real-time UAD processing. This plugin was designed to clean room and reverberation from vocal tracks recorded in poorly treated rooms.

C-VOX is very easy to use. You have sliders to adjust attenuation and ambience reduction and shift between the noise and room mode. This Plugin can be used when tracking because it features a zero-latency technology that eliminates the delay.

Denoiser is a plugin designed by the well-known developer Sonnox. This is a very versatile and complete noise reduction plugin with five noise reduction modules plus a spectrum analyzer for monitoring what the plugin is doing.

We recommend using this plugin to remove specific types of noise or if you look for versatility and different attenuation possibilities. In this plugin, you will have to adjust everything manually, all parameters can be modified, and the individual modules can be bypassed to A/B without turning the plugin off.

Sonnox Denoiser is a very complete and versatile plugin that can do everything from surgical noise removal to overall cleaning of the tracks. Mastering this plugin can take a while because it offers so many functionalities and options.

We recommend this plugin for experienced users because you must know how to use an equalizer, filter, compressor, and noise gate. If you want a more straightforward plugin, check the following on our list.

Clarity VX Pro includes a smaller version, Clarity VX, which is more automatic and lighter on your CPU usage. This plugin is very adaptable to different situations and noises and can achieve extreme amounts of reduction seamlessly.

WNS Noise Suppressor is a plugin to reduce noise from any vocal recording. As with every plugin from the family, WNS performs nicely and smoothly. It works in real-time with zero latency. You can use it with any vocal source, but it is ideal for dialog, narration, voiceovers, and broadcasting.

Its design is very similar to its little brother, Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor, but the power of WNS is superior. NS1 comes with only one fader: the threshold, the minimum volume before noise reduction. WNS, though, includes a set of frequency filters.

Audio engineers can identify the noise frequencies and isolate the noise from those frequencies exclusively using said filters. Similarly, while NS1 employs an attenuation bar to visualize the reduced noise, WNS shows the reduction in a spectral display, emphasizing the frequencies affected by the plugin.

We had all-in-one alternatives like the Waves Greg Wells VoiceCentric and Waves Clarity Vx, where the magic occurred with the turn of a single knob. It is impressive that a plugin can determine what settings to make when you apply it using such a strong engine. I might also include Waves DeBreath, a tool I also use for music production and which performs superbly. I can say that it works well with the Shure Sm7b and eliminates any unnecessary noise.

Noise reduction software is an invaluable tool for reducing and eliminating unwanted noise from our audio signals. In this article, we'll look at what I consider to be the 7 best noise reduction plugins on the market today.

The iZotope Spectral De-noise is a powerful denoiser plugin designed to remove stationary or slowly changing tonal noise and broadband hiss from recorded audio signals. It works by learning the noise profile of the audio and then subtracting it, in real-time, from the signal.

Like many high-end denoiser plugins, the iZotope Spectral De-noise excels at removing static (non-dynamic noise profiles). Tape hiss, HVAC systems, outdoor environments, line noise, ground loops, camera motors, fans, wind, and complex buzz with many harmonics can be virtually eliminated from a signal with proper settings.

In terms of performance, there are 4 different Qualities available in the Spectral De-noise plugin. Options A through D get more and more involved with noise reduction (and signal reconstruction) but


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