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SteamAPI RestartAppIfNecessary

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SteamAPI RestartAppIfNecessary

i am still having problems with steamapi, and i think i need to find a workaround solution. i think that the problem is that when i call the steamapi::restartappifnecessary(), it goes to the steamapi.dll and tries to load it multiple times. this leads to the game crashing.

when you run your application, it will try to load steam_api.dll (steamapi.dll) and then check if the file exists. if it does not exist, the game will then try to load the steamapi.dll and call the steam_api.restartappifnecessary). if steamapi.dll is already loaded, this will cause the game to crash.

if steamapi.dll exists and its in the same directory as your exe, then steamapi.dll is loaded once and then steamapi.restartappifnecessary() is called. if steamapi.dll exists in a sub-folder, then steamapi.dll is loaded multiple times. the way to tell if steamapi.dll is loaded multiple times is to use the steamapi.dll file. if the number of times the steamapi.dll is loaded matches the number of files in the steamapi.dll file, then this isnt a problem.

when you dont call steamapi.init() first, then the problem you are having is due to steamapi.dll being loaded multiple times. when you call steamapi.init() first, only one steam_api.dll will be loaded.

using unityengine; using system; using system.collections; using system.collections.generic; using system.runtime.interopservices; using valve.vutils; public class steamapi : monobehaviour { public static steamapi instance; public static bool steaminit; public static bool steamlibinitialized; public static int steamuserid; public static uint steamappid; public static bool bsteamvalidated = false; public static bool bsteaminitialized = false; public static bool bsteamvalidatedsuccess = false; public static string steamapiname = ""; private list 3d9ccd7d82


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