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Liccon Work Planner Free Software Download ~REPACK~

Liebherr mobile cranes are controlled precisely using intelligent technology. The LICCON computer system is at the heart of all this. Liebherr designs and produces the software and hardware for the mobile crane control in-house. Our specialists continue to work on the development of the control's architecture to meet the ever growing demands of the market.

liccon work planner free software download

With Crane Planner 2.0, Liebherr provides you with modern lift planning software. There is no need for expensive licences, elaborate hardware and extensive training for CAD software. Our engineers and software developers work daily on new functions and on the integration of further Liebherr cranes. The Crane Planner 2.0 updates are provided to you regularly as part of the selected licence.

2 You are aware of that situation: Inspection of the construction site, determination of the crane position, checking of access roads, preparing a sketch of the building contours with details of height and possible obstructions. Subsequently, the job is delineated on the drawing board with top and side views - a time consuming task with incomplete results since essential data such as supporting forces are missing. For more efficient planning, Liebherr now offers its customers the LICCON work planner, i.e. a software program on diskettes for planning, simulation and documentation of crane applications on the display screen. The LICCON work planner exclusively from Liebherr.

3 The work planner offers a fascinating range of applications. LICCON computer system on the LTM The prerequisite for the development of such comprehensive software was the data acquisition of any practicable operating mode of every Liebherr mobile crane equipped with the LICCON computer system. In other words, the software is configured and documented specifically for every individual crane. Hence follows the numerous facilities of the LICCON work planner, at present consisting of three modules which are managed by a menu program. The load capacity program substitutes the chart manual. Only such equipment configurations can be selected which are also programmed in the respective crane. The graphical representation is practically identical with the representation on the LICCON display screen. The crane selection program automatically searches the suitable crane for the entered load case. Crane selection also can be performed according to certain criteria such as ballast weight or boom length, either automatically or selectively. The 2-D planner program enables simulation and documentation of crane applications. Drawing functions permit to plot and letter a construction site into which a scale model crane can be implicated and moved through all its working motions. At any time, it is possible to have recourse to the actual supporting forces. The screen display can be documented by a connected printer. The symboloriented programs of the LICCON work planner are controllable with the mouse. Calculation of the derrick ballast For large equipment with derrick ballast (crawler crane with suspended counterweight or counterweight trailer), the determination of the derrick ballast required at the construction site is an essential cost-reducing factor. Formerly, this determination has been possible only with the aid of a sheet of paper and pencil. That method is time consuming and subject to errors. By means of the work planner, the minimum and maximum required ballast is indicated continuously during the simulation. By the complete simulation of a load case on the PC, it is possible to determine the entire ballast required for that specific case. The load capacity program. The crane selection program. The 2-D planner program. Calculation of the derrick ballast.

4 The load capacity program. The crane selection program. It enables the representation of all load charts of a crane. The following actions can be performed by means of a symbol bar: Representation of a briefing in reference of the program. Display of all programmed charts and operating modes. Page forward/backwards of charts. Media copy by a connected printer. Display of the chart values for every telescoped condition of the boom sections subject to the radius. Information regarding to locked/unlocked boom sections This program permits automatic selection of the suitable crane by entering the load case parameters such as load, radius and lifting height. The following actions are practicable within the program: Listing of all cranes available for which data diskettes are existing. Editing of crane list, i.e. automatic crane selection or selection of an individual crane. Optimization of crane selection according to various criteria, e.g. shortest boom, minimum counterweight or smallest supporting basis. Allowing for an existing obstructing contour entered by the 2-D planner. Prerequisites of the hardware. For installing the LICCON work planner into your PC, it should be equipped with the operating system MS-DOS 3.3 or a higher version. For the most efficient utilization of the program, you should employ at least an IBM-compatible, 386 DX personal computer with co-processor and colour monitor. Moreover, your PC should have a hard disk, a VGA graphic card and a micro soft compatible mouse, the min. storage capacity of the main memory should be 4 MB. The modular design of the LICCON work planner warrants further extensions.

6 More benefit through the LICCON work planner. Submission of offers with more transparency. The actual screen of information can be docuyou to enclose media copies with your offer, e.g. mented by a connected printer. This will enable side and top view of the construction side as well as the supporting forces envisaged; your Briefing of crane operators with more information. Often enough your operators are confronted with irregularities at the working site. Now, the LICCON work planner makes the job more transparent and all details can be discussed in advance. The media copies are working papers with valuable information for the operators, for smoother and safer performance of the job. The LICCON work planner on the Laptop offers even more flexibility. A battery-powered Laptop calculator is recommended for field service. Thus you will be in a customer certainly will appreciate the trans- parency of your offer. position to make full use of the LICCON work planner's capacity, everywhere and any time. Subject to modifications. P 197a Please contact LIEBHERR-WERK EHINGEN GMBH D Ehingen/Donau, Telefon ( ) , Telefax ( ) 076b4e4f54


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