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The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update update introduces a 'universal apps' initiative, adding the tools, design assets, APIs and developer documentation for making apps 'universal' - or that are available on all Windows 10 platforms. This initiative brings change to how Windows apps will be distributed and visible to end users on all Windows 10 devices, delivering a consistent user experience across all Windows 10 devices and across all stages of the OS lifecycle. If a user has previously installed a Windows app, it will continue to be usable after being updated to the Spring Creators Update and can be moved from a device's operating system to another, be it a Windows 10 x86, ARM tablet or mobile phone. Redstone 2 was planned to be released at mid-November 2017, with a public preview for MSDN and Insiders in September 2017.

Microsoft announced on August 9, 2016, following its acquisition of Mojang and Minecraft: Education Edition, that it would ship a single update for Windows 10 users that unified the Android version with the Windows 10 version.

Prior to this early release of Windows 10, Microsoft had offered two major versions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Home. This unification would leave Microsoft to offer either an Android tablet with desktop apps, or a desktop computer with mobile apps.

As opposed to the traditional "folder" type storage (application data is specific to each app and is not shared with other apps), Windows.Storage.ApplicationDataContainer stores app data in a combination of app settings and a "database"-like class, both of which can be shared by all apps running on all computers. The class is backed by an absolute, in-memory SQLite database accessed by the OS whenever the computer is online. It's accessed when applications want to write data (such as the contents of a file) or read data (such as the state of a setting), data that will not be lost when the application is closed or switched to a different Windows version. d2c66b5586


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