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Owen Phillips

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This works great, but is very slow (1 fps). In the hopes of speeding it up, I want to use a single ffmpeg command which continuously updates the .jpg at, let's say 10 fps. What I tried was the following:

stream (1).jpg

...from within the mjpg_streamer's directory. It will do all the nasty work for you by displaying the stream in the browser when using the address:http://IP-OF-THE-SERVER:8080/It's also light-weight enough to run on a Raspberry Pi.

The headsets are equipped with the same 45 mm large-aperture drivers for clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. The streaming headsets come with two sets of earpads: M50x earpads designed for audio quality and sound isolation; mesh and leatherette earpads designed for breathability and comfort.

The WCS 2023 will continue offering plenary sessions, specialized streams, workshops and executive summits, tackling aspects related to technology & innovation, security & customs, cargo operations and sustainability.

BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. (BayLand) is a full service engineering and environmental firm specializing in ecological restoration and development of essential infrastructure projects that are located at or near the land-water interface. We are committed to smart and sensitive development around all types of waterways and we thrive on environmental restoration and ecological uplift of wetlands, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, bays and the ocean.

A Watershed and Study Area Assessment Report (WSAAR) was prepared that summarized pertinent attributes of the Study Area including: physiography, soils, climate, existing and historical land use, jurisdictional wetlands and streams, historic wetlands, plant communities, rare, threatened and endangered species, and cultural resources. This report also summarizes the areas targeted for restoration and the proposed restoration approach. Multiple assessments and analyses were conducted to determine the areas proposed for restoration, including: a visual assessment, constraints analysis, hydrologic analysis, geomorphic assessment, biological assessment and a function based assessment. The function based assessment was conducted in accordance with the guidelines from A Function-Based Framework for Stream Assessments and Restoration Projects. A ranking system was then developed by BayLand to determine the priority for restoration for each reach by assigning scores to each existing function based assessment rating.

Whilst searching on an unrelated matter I found a discussion on iOS 11 and newer image formats. Under the settings --> Camera --> Formats you can choose between 'high efficiency' and 'most compatible'. the iOS 11 update would appear to select high efficiency in some instances. Switching this back to most compatible solved my issue between newer and older iOS versions and photo stream.

This was possible thanks to a powerful jet stream propelling the plane faster. Here on Earth we have four main jet streams: two subtropical jet streams near the equator and two polar jet streams, one near the south pole and one closer to Santa near the north pole. The jet stream is a narrow band of strong winds higher up in the atmosphere, often 30-35,000 feet above Earth, which is where commercial airlines often fly. 041b061a72


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