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Shepherd (2021) !NEW!

Eric Black has recurring nightmares following the recent death of his pregnant wife Rachel. Thinking he needs some space, he answers to a newspaper ad for work as a shepherd on a remote island in the Scottish Highlands. En route, he drops by his childhood home but is rebuked by his mother Glenys, who blames the death of his father on Eric's decision to leave them for Rachel, whom she implied to have been adulterous. Eric throws his wedding ring into a lake and breaks down after considering suicide. He and his Border Collie Baxter are then ferried to the island by the half-sighted Fisher, his only contact, who hands him a journal to record his thoughts. They settle into a dilapidated cottage by an unlit lighthouse. Eric finds a ring in a freshwater spring and, at the cottage, a shelf of journals identical to the one Fisher gave him. In one of the journals, he finds frantic writings about a witch on the island. At night, he struggles to climb the stairs to his room due to severe acrophobia.

Shepherd (2021)

Seeing an ad in a newspaper for work as a shepherd on a remote island in the Scottish Highlands, he decides to take the job. Not before visiting his religious mother, who massively disapproved of his relationship with Rachel. It goes as well as you might think.

Eric Black (Tom Hughes) is sleepwalking through life, barely keeping it together following the loss of his pregnant wife. He is plagued by nightmares and living amongst the detritus of their life together. The traces of his wife are all around him - lipstick on a tea cup, an ultrasound in a drawer. Realising that his days of calling off work are numbered, Eric answers an advertisement for a shepherd on a desolate Western Isle.

With just his dog Baxter for company, Eric lands on an island with a barren, windswept landscape and a lighthouse with no working light. It is an omen that he doesn't see, an indication that no lives will be saved here, no souls shepherded.

The island plays such a great role in Shepherd that it should be credited as a character. While some cinematographers choose to juxtapose psychological horror with vistas of beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, Richard Stoddard chooses to match the despair and desolation of Eric's grief with barren, grey and monotone cinematography. It is effective and utterly claustrophobic, both within the shepherd's cottage and outside on the hills.

A statuette of Egyptian King Pepi formidably wielding a shepherd's crook stands in stark contrast to a fresco of an unassuming Orpheus-like youth gently hoisting a sheep around his shoulders. Both images, however, occupy an extensive tradition of shepherding motifs. In the transition from ancient Near Eastern depictions of the keeper of flocks as one holding great power to the more "pastoral" scenes of early Christian art, it might appear that connotations of rulership were divested from the image of the shepherd. The reality, however, presents a much more complex tapestry.

This film had that formula that echoed other horror drama films that dealt with grief, death, loss, and a hidden past. Even more so it felt like a psychological horror. I will say that some viewers might not follow this shepherd like a group of sheep. I did enjoyed the main character Eric Black, played by Tom Hughes, as he goes into a descent of madness to face what was haunting him.

Plot:Widower Eric Black (Tom Hughes) attempts suicide after the suspicious death of his adulterous wife. He becomes distracted by a bizarre advertisement for a shepherd, working alone on a remote, desolate island off the west coast of Scotland. Eric grabs the chance to run away from his troubles and reflect. 041b061a72


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