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The Doctor Blake Mysteries(2013) [CRACKED]

A woman's body is found in a lake; she was run over by a car, as the autopsy by Doctor Lucien Blake reveals. She was Ann Fitzgerald, student at the local reform school, and she was pregnant. The science teacher Phillip Morrisey, son of the local chemist (pharmacist), is one suspect as the father. Jean, who ran the doctor's office for Lucien's late father, stays on for the son returned to Ballarat from abroad. District nurse Mattie and Jean's nephew Danny Parks, a young police officer, board in the large house. Police superintendent Lawson knows Blake from before he left home, before the war, where Lucien fought and was taken prisoner. Patrick Tyneman, owner of the local newspaper, gets a club membership for Blake, who says he will not stay long enough to use it. Sale of illegal amphetamines, made on Keith Morrisey's press for tablets, is involved in this murder. Phillip's mother Rosemary, an ambitious woman, learned of the pregnancy and her son's love for Ann; she arranged to meet Ann, "the little slut" and killed her, using her son's car. She is arrested.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries(2013)

At the shoe factory owned by Patrick Tyneman, the plant manager Egan and the foreman argue. Mosca, the foreman, is found dead a few hours later. His hand was cut off by one of the machines, which had no safety switch. Blake has been pushing Tyneman to upgrade the equipment and calls reporter Joy McDonald before the autopsy is complete. Gus, the other police doctor, sees the wound to Mosca's head, showing he was pushed into the machine and thus murdered. Jean auditions for the local production of The Importance of Being Earnest, where she gets a minor role. The larger role she auditioned for goes to Tyneman's wife. Play director Robert is interested in Jean and proposes to her, but she turns him down. A factory employee, Gorski, tells Blake that Mosca had been taking a percent of the wages of all the workers. Mattie sees Romana Novak, who works at the plant, and has signs of syphilis, including a rash. Factory worker Mrs Krol tells Blake that many women in the factory have that rash. Blake does a second test on Mosca's blood, which shows evidence of tertiary stage syphilis and suggests he was forcing himself on the women in the factory. Egan knew that employee wages were skimmed, and he benefited from that scheme. Lawson questions Egan and then Romana as possible suspects. Mattie brings a penicillin injection to treat the jailed Romana's syphilis. Blake comes to the factory in response to a call from Gorski and finds that he has killed Egan, which he freely admits. A shoe last that could be the murder weapon in the Mosca killing is found in Egan's desk with Mosca's blood. Blake suggests to Gorski that Romana accidentally killed Mosca trying to fight him off. Without Egan's evidence that Romana was in the factory after clocking out, there is not enough evidence against her, so Lawson releases her.

Bobby Lee, lead singer of a popular rock and roll group, dies in an alley outside Ballarat's concert hall surrounded by his fans. Mattie was there to look after one of the young fans. The body is moved to a nearby pub owned by Gerry Bowen because the morgue is full and the hospital cannot accept the body. Blake does the autopsy with the aid of senior constable Charlie Davis and finds Lee died after being stabbed. Mattie is brought to the police station after accidentally assaulting Davis while trying to assist 16-year-old Shirley Freedman, who is distraught over Lee's death. Lawson questions band member Tony Capuano, who was heard to argue with Lee after the performance and had followed him into the alleyway. He mentions that he and Lee started the band together, but now it was "all about him." He mentions that Lee's real name was Gunther Hansen. Blake encounters the photographer who was on hand when Lee collapsed and pays him for copies of his photos of the event. The police investigate Lee's fans, other band members and preacher Howard McArthur, who was outside the venue preaching against the devil's music and was right next to Lee when he collapsed. Constable Ned Simmons finds that McArthur has prior arrests, one involving use of a knife. Blake and Jean attend McArthur's revival meeting, where he rails that "death will come to the agents of the devil." A knife that could be the murder weapon is found in the alleyway, despite the fact that constable David searched it twice and is certain that it wasn't there. The photos that Blake acquired reveal that Lee was stabbed before coming out into the alleyway. Shirley's father comes to Blake's home looking for her; she is at the police station being questioned. She had found Lee-related items outside the venue and had pulled a ring off his finger when he fell down dead. Blake realizes the items Shirley found belonged to Bowen's 16-year-old daughter Peggy and takes them to her in the pub basement where the body is still located. When Bowen comes downstairs, he admits stabbing Lee when he brought the complimentary beer to the band. Peggy had told him she'd become pregnant by Lee and then lost the baby, though Mattie learns that she recently asked her own doctor for basic information about how women get pregnant. She actually had never met Lee. Her father admits dropping the knife in the alleyway and is arrested. Blake comes home to find Jean listening to some of that rock and roll music.

Two boats are fiercely competing in a rowing competition, with a crowd cheering them on, including Patrick Tyneman. While the crowd cheers the winning pair from Ballarat College, one of the losers from the high school team accuses college rower Dennis Goodman of cheating. Dennis and Arnie Ross are tossed into the water as part of the celebration, but only Arnie comes up. The autopsy reveals that Dennis died with an unusual amount of water in his lungs, indicating his larynx never closed and that this was not a normal drowning. Dennis's father Herbert, his coach and a former Olympian, is furious that Blake will not release his son's body because he has not been able to determine cause of death. Charlie Davis, now acting sergeant, has moved into Blake's house. Blake tells Jean that Dennis's mother Monica was the first woman he ever courted. The Goodman's second son, Lucas, is more an academic than an athlete. Alcohol is found in Dennis's stomach contents, but his father insists he didn't drink. Ashby gives Blake 24 hours to determine whether Dennis's death was murder, not an accident. Arnie admits accidentally kicking Dennis when they were underwater. He says he was glad he was on the team with Dennis but obviously resented that Dennis got all the attention. He says that Dennis took away his girlfriend, Rachel and was cheating on her. A bottle of vodka is found in the locker of Les Bates, one of the losing rowers. Les reveals that Herbert Goodman roughed up his son before each race, to get him angry. Tyneman switches his sponsorship from Dennis Goodman to Tim Webb, a member of the high school team who is regarded as a potential Olympian. Ashby tells Blake that, depending on the lab results, if he does not release Dennis's body, he will have to review his position as police surgeon. But lab tests show that Dennis was injecting himself with testosterone, a performance enhancer. His father prevents the family doctor from releasing Dennis's medical records. Dennis's girlfriend Rachel had previously said that Dennis would not taste his lemonade after the race because it was not yellow enough. In an interview with Charlie, Rachel admits she was angry with Dennis because he was seeing someone else and putting the vodka in his drink after the race to get him into trouble. Arnie admits helping Rachel spike Dennis's drink and putting the bottle in Les Bates's locker. When Blake asks if Dennis had ever said things looked strange, Arnie says for the past few weeks he had seemed to be obsessed with whether things were yellow. Rachel's mother admits to Blake that Dennis spent the night with her when Rachel was away and threatened to tell Rachel if she wouldn't continue the relationship. She also reports that Dennis was dizzy once but took something from his sports bag and felt better. Charlie finds Dennis's sports bag hidden on the roof of the boathouse. As Blake suspected, the bag contains a syringe, testosterone and Digoxin, a medicine derived from the foxglove plant. It is used to treat several conditions, including an irregular heartbeat, and makes things appear yellow. Blake was reminded of Digoxin when he saw 'extract of foxglove' in his mother's medical records. Dennis's father refuses to answer Blake's question about his own heart health, but his brother Lucas confirms that his brother was taking something, which he also told rival team member Tim Webb. Tim found the medications in Dennis's bag and, realizing he'd been cheated, switched the digoxin for diet pills. In researching the pills, he found that without digoxin, Dennis's heart would stop when he was thrown into cold water. Tim actually let Dennis's team win to ensure the success of his plan. He will be charged for murder as a youth. Without digoxin, things that looked yellow to Dennis were the wrong color. Dennis's father feels his son's death is his fault because of the inherited heart condition, but Ashby says there are other reasons for his responsibility. When Blake remarks to Dennis's mother Monica how her son left a trail of damage behind him, she hopes that they hang Tim, who couldn't cope with the fact that Dennis was a better rower. Ashby tells Blake he has many enemies, and Ashby is not one of them. He indirectly asks Blake to keep investigating future cases. From the medical file that was recently found, Blake learns his mother had a miscarriage when he was two years old, and she had been diabetic.

Accompanied by haunting memories of his service time in World War II, Dr Lucian Blake returns home to Australia after 30 years to take over his deceased father's medical practice. As he deals with his own personal loss and changed by his war experiences, the wry, personable doctor performs his other role as police surgeon with gusto. His unconventional and unpredictable manner unnerve some, but it becomes clear Dr Blake is ahead of his time in his use of forensic science, and in his own understanding of the human heart, to help solve murder mysteries in the country town of Ballarat. 041b061a72


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