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Starship Troopers traces the fate of a handful of high-school graduates who join the military shortly before war breaks out between the Federation and the Arachnids. The Federation is a highly militarized state but seems free of internal conflicts stemming from racial or sexual divisions. The only division in society is between "citizens" and "civilians." Military service "guarantees citizenship," which entails suffrage and access to state benefits like birth licenses and college tuition. Our hero, Johnny Rico, comes from a prosperous family and faces the decision of whether to enlist and win the affections of his love interest, Carmen, who is slated for pilot training, or to do his parent's bidding and attend Harvard. Johnny opts for the girl and joins the Mobile Infantry. The first half of the film revolves around a love triangle [End Page 17] between Rico, Carmen, and another female classmate, Dizzy, who is in love with Rico. This soap opera is interrupted by an Arachnid meteor attack on the characters' home town of Buenos Aires, initiating Johnny's transformation from a spoiled juvenile into a vengeful warrior and natural leader. The second half of the film focuses on the war between the human race and the Arachnids. The invasion of Klendathu, the Arachnid's home planet, results in a bloodbath for the humans and forces the Federation to adapt a more cautious strategy. After a brush with death on Klendathu, Johnny and Dizzy are integrated into their former teacher's unit, Rasczak's Rangers. After bungling his command during training, Johnny quickly proves himself a hero in live action and plays a leading role in the capture of a "Brain Bug" responsible for administering the bugs successful strategy against the humans. It is a turning point in the war, but great work remains. The film therefore ends...


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