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Best Time To Buy Golf Shoes

The best time of the year to buy golf shoes is in the golfing off-season where you live. If you live in the northern part of the U.S., the best time to buy shoes is between November and February. If you live in the south, the best time would be January or February.

best time to buy golf shoes


On the other hand, golfers who always clean their shoes after playing and store them in the right environment after using them may get three or even four seasons from a single pair of shoes (or more).

Comfortable footwear is essential when playing golf. If your insoles are worn down, or the uppers are no longer water-resistant or waterproof, buying new shoes is necessary. This can help ensure your feet stay comfortable for the entire round.

The main difference between golf shoes and regular shoes (or other sporting shoes) is the metal spikes. The spikes provide additional stability for a gofer. Also, unlike with cleats, the spikes can be replaced as needed.

Essentially designed for comfort and style, these low-profile shoes tend to be lightweight and flat soled. Most use rubber studs or dimpled soles in place of standard golf spikes, giving the advantage of being perfect for the 19th hole and firm surfaces like the driving range.

Golfers in hot climates inspired this type of golf shoe onto the market and so shoe manufacturers came up with this sandal version of a golf shoe. The open, toeless design means that are very breathable for summer wear. Great for buggy golf, they can prove uncomfortable for long walks with the straps causing a risk of a blister or two. Cheaper than most golf shoes, they offer a somewhat limited resistance to wet weather and less lateral support than a normal golf shoe, but at least your feet will be cool.

Leather is by far the most popular choice for golf shoes across the market and rightfully so. The leather is processed and then added to the exterior of the shoe creating a stretch-free, tight-fitting waterproof shoe. Usually it comes in a saddle for design to stabilize the surface of the shoe and is a good option for summer golf, as it is more breathable than other materials. Top manufacturers may offer a one or two year waterproof guarantee, but the price of the leather and the manufacturing is reflected in the price, so be prepared to pay for quality.

Ideal for hard summer conditions, the technology of plastic spike design is advancing so that soft spikes offer the same or greater amounts of traction as more traditional metal spikes. They are also more comfortable as the legs or the spike will flex as you wlak on them. Easily changed, the plastic spike will be found on almost all new golf shoes on the market today and is a safe choice.

Not all golf shoes have the same type of fastening system so when you are swapping spikes, make sure you have the right type of replacement spikes. Most brands have wear indicators like a tyre to show when they should be replaced and it can often make an old pair of shoe feel like new when the grip is improved.

While many newer styles of shoes for golf are more sneaker-like than traditional, your normal shoe size may not be your golf shoe size. If possible, you should have your feet measured for both length and width. Then, try on a pair from the brand you are most interested in to gain an understanding of that brand's particular fit.

Now, if you play golf regularly throughout the year, you need a more durable shoe than the casual golfer. While leather golf shoes are typically more expensive than shoes made from synthetic materials, they often provide improved waterproof technologies. The price of a leather shoe can vary as well, depending on its type and quality.

How many pairs of golf shoes should you have? It's a good idea to have multiple pairs of shoes if you play more than once a week. By rotating which shoes you wear, you can extend the life of each pair of shoes as well as allow a wet pair ample time to dry. Each pair will also keep its original fit, comfort and traction longer.

Golf shoes are needed for golf because they have been designed to deal with all the things golfers face on the course. This takes the form of being as comfortable as possible because they have to be worn and walked in, all day. They also have to provide grip and traction as golfers make their swings whereas normal shoes don't do this as well. Golf shoes tend to be waterproof as well whereas regular trainers often aren't.

All of the shoes in our list will provide with an enjoyable, comfortable and performance enhancing experience on course. Golf shoes are specifically designed to support the movements of golfers and the conditions of a golf course, so make sure to invest in a proper pair of golf shoes.

The majority of golfers on Tour will wear spikleess shoes. This is because they play mostly in dry, warm conditions on highly manicured golf courses. However, you'll see many Tour players switch to spiked golf shoes if they are playing in inclement weather. Some players, like Collin Morikawa with the adidas ZG21, always opt to wear a spiked shoe

Golf shoes are in equal measure a performance piece of equipment and a fashion statement. Your feet are the only point of contact you have with the ground as you swing at the golf ball, so it's vital your golf shoes support and grip your foot in place during the swing. But as important as performance is, golf shoes, much like your day-to-day sneakers, are still a fashion statement and a great opportunity to stand out on the golf course with a style that suits your personality. With all this in mind, we certainly ask modern golf shoes to do a lot for us. Luckily for you, 2023 has shaped up to be a stellar year for new golf shoes. Here at Golf Monthly, we can happily report the class of 2023 has plenty of options to fulfill the needs of a wide range of golfers and a wide range of styles.

A clear trend we've spotted during our testing is the continued popularity of a hybrid golf shoe - a golf shoe that can be worn as easily off the golf course as it can be on it. We've seen some great examples of this type of golf shoe from True Linkswear, Ecco, Cole Haan, and Under Armour, in particular, this year. These golf shoes can pretty much be worn on the golf course and everywhere in between thanks to the clever designs. They offer great performance, grip, and support on the golf course while looking great and offering all the comfort of a normal sneaker off the course. While the hybrid shoe is especially prominent this year, it's not to say that all the best spikeless golf shoes of 2023 are casual, sneaker styles. Brands like Payntr, Puma, and Skechers have also released some great performance spikeless golf shoes that pride themselves on being a golf shoe first with excellent spikeless outsoles.

If you are after a new spiked golf shoe in 2023, we've tested some brilliant new releases from FootJoy and adidas in particular, with both brands bringing out a seriously comprehensive offering in the spiked category. Spiked golf shoes are becoming more lightweight and athletic than ever before and if you're looking for an all-year-round shoe that provides a real locked-in feeling on the golf course, you'll be spoiled for choice this year.

For 2023, there are lots of factors to consider when it comes to buying a pair of golf shoes. Do you want the best spiked golf shoe, a spikeless version, or maybe both? What kind of styling do you want? How much do you want to spend? If you are the kind of player who values walking comfort over anything else then we recommend checking out our best golf shoes for walking guide, or if you have particularly wide feet, we think you should check out our best golf shoes for wide feet guide.

As far as what actually makes the best golf shoe, we think the best models manage to combine excellent comfort and breathability so that they can be worn all day. Additionally, the best models protect our feet from bad weather, as well as offer outstanding grip and stability in all conditions. Acknowledging all of this, below we've looked at some of the best golf shoes all of which have been fully tested and reviewed by the Golf Monthly team. We've split this guide up into the best spikeless models, best spiked models, and best women's golf shoes too and you can check out our individual guides

One of the most technology-packed spikeless golf shoes we've tested this year, the Ecco Biom C4 seriously impressed us with its overall comfort, grip, style and breathability. The Biom C4 uses Ecco's Exhaust Grid technology that scoops fresh air towards the sole of the foot to keep it cool. This, combined with Gore-Tex surround and breathable Ortholite insole makes this the most breathable shoe we've tested in 2022 by some stretch. Another excellent touch from Ecco is that the insole is removable to allow for more width in the shoe. This will make the Biom C4 suitable for those with wider feet and there was still the same amount of comfort and cushioning with the first insole removed. It's certainly a step in the more athletic direction for an Ecco shoe, and we think this aesthetic move will attract golfers of all ages into Ecco shoes - we think these are some of the best looking golf shoes this year.

The fourth generation of the iconic Pro SL carries over into 2023. The new midsole technology in the Pro SL provides comfort whilst also returning energy to your feet as you step. In addition, the upper of the new version has been cleaned up and, as you can see from the pictures of the sample we tested, the colors have been simplified. As for the on-course performance, this continues to deliver. The comfort straight out of the box is superb and the sole design is among the best spikeless golf shoes we have worn on the course. It provides all the traction you need, even in wet, wintery conditions.

The brilliant adidas Codechaos had an all-new look when it was launched in mid-2022 and carries over into 2023, offering a great value spikeless model. It's similarly bold to the 2020 model but now comes with a new wraparound outsole that adds a unique look as well as more grip and stability. It's a super comfortable golf shoe too. It's one of those golf shoes that you forget you are wearing, such is the nature of the comfort, support and grip on offer. It features adidas' Boost technology throughout the entire shoe - a technology we have become familiar with in the similarly excellent adidas Tour 360 22 and adidas Rebelcross golf shoes. As advertised by the brand, the Boost midsole gives instant comfort and the Codechaos 22 shoes took no time at all to break in. One of the best in a wide range of adidas golf shoes for 2023. 041b061a72


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