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Where To Buy Smoked Turkey

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Where To Buy Smoked Turkey

Butterball Smoked Whole Turkeys are fully cooked and ready to eat. They can be used in recipes calling for cooked turkey without prior heating. The pink color of the meat comes from smoking and curing and is not a sign of undercooked meat.

Ferndale Market Turkeys are grown naturally, free range, and without the use of growth hormones. The turkeys are processed naturally, leaving you free to brine your turkey without worrying about over-salting.

Their specialties include their Green Circle Turkey, which has been raised free-range with open spacious barns and promises no antibiotics and no added growth hormones from birth, and their slow-growing Narragansett and Bourbon Red Heritage turkeys.

You can get your turkey seasoned with different flavors, like rosemary and garlic, which can make things a little less complicated on the day. You can also get your turkey flavored with more exotic spices, like the offerings from the Cajun Turkey Company.

Most of the turkeys on our list are either organic, free-range, or both. Organic means the turkey was fed only with organic feed while free-range means the turkeys were allowed outdoors, within certain specified metrics.

Check out D'Artagnan for a gourmet selection of old-breed turkeys sustainably raised on free-range farms. Or, if you're in need of a full meal, browse the selection of sides and desserts to go with a premium turkey via Purdue.

"Just a shout out to you, we ordered a smoked turkey breast from you for Thanksgiving this year. Our first time ever eating smoked turkey. It was DELICIOUS! Just the right amount of smoke. If anyone is not a fan of smoked meat, they really should try this anyway. I think they would be surprised. We will definitely be buying this again!"

"We got our Turkey from you. We always get our meat from Bean's and Christmas ham but never a Turkey. This thing was the most delicious turkey we have ever made. Next year, we will be serving a Bean's turkey again for sure."

Our Smoked Turkey Necks are a great choice! These turkey necks are seasoned with our smoked meat spices, then smoked to perfection so that the necks hold a great smokey taste. You will be able to smell the great smokey aroma whenever the box is delivered at your door!

Our whole smoked turkey is a bursting with flavor! Smoked with hardwood chips at local, family-owned Lorentz Meats, it is fully cooked and cured without chemical nitrates or nitrites. A wonderful option for customers who want quick preparation and exceptional taste.

Farm Pac has delicious golden brown smoked turkey legs! Our delicious plump, juicy, golden brown turkey legs are larger than most turkey legs sold at major theme parks and festivals around the United States! Our Turkey Legs are smoked to perfection and are a great choice for a family dinner, graduation party, picnic at the beach, or any social gathering! Just heat and serve! Farm Pac has been serving up delicious smoked turkey legs for over 60 years! Try our delicious turkey legs today!

Looking for something to it is! smoked turkey that taste like "TURKEY." Here's why. We select only young, tender birds, then cure them with a secret blend of spices to preserve that special Robertson flavor. Our turkeys are then placed in the smoke-house until they are golden brown and fully cooked. The best way to preserve the freshness of your turkey after you receive it is to cover it tightly and place it in the refrigerator. If you do not plan to use it immediately, FREEZE IT. We have found many people like to slice all of their turkey at once, keeping a portion to serve and freezing the rest in small packages for later use. Robertson's Smoked Turkeys and Smoked Turkey Breasts are fully cooked. However, to bring out the most flavor we suggest you rinse the whole turkey with warm water, then wrap it in aluminum foil. Place the turkey in a shallow pan and heat for 3/4 - 1 hour in a 325 degree oven. The Smoked Turkey Breast may be heated the same way for only 20 minutes. The Smoked Turkeys, like all of our other smoked meats, have the best flavor when they are served at room temperature.

Organic turkey breasts are one of the most succulent parts of a turkey. We take that delicious organic meat, smoke it to perfection, slice it and fold it into our easy peel & reseal packaging so that you can build your sandwich without spending the hours in the kitchen that it would have taken to do it all yourself. As always, our sliced deli meats have no binders, fillers or carrageenan and are gluten-free.

Farmers & FishermenTurkey delivery! Plainville Farms is a family-run establishment, offering humanely raised, antibiotic- and steroid-free birds. Get a 16-18-pound young, whole turkey for $59.99. A pop-up timer is included for easy cooking.

Miiller's Southwest Jalapeno Smoked Turkey will make a great addition to your table. The Southwest Jalapeno Texas flavor with the old time tradition of Smoked Turkey makes this bird a treat for any occasion. Spicy enough to be different but not enough you cannot serve to everyone. Make this a new favorite at your house. Ready to heat and serve. All of our turkeys are gluten free.

Order ProcessingMost orders received by 10:00am CST are typically processed within 1-3 business days depending on transit days to desired delivery address. Holiday volumes will effect order processing times. Delivery can take up to 7-10 days depending on when the order is placed, where the package is going, and which shipping method you choose.

Replacement/Refund PolicyIf you are unsatisfied with your order upon delivery, please contact (512) 285-6842 or email us at We are happy to address your concerns. Should it be determined that an error was made by our fulfillment team or by our carrier, we can discuss options for resolution which may include; replacement, partial refund or full refund where applicable. We promise to handle your request promptly and courteously.

I think there are two kinds of people that like a smoked turkey. Those that want an already cooked turkey and those that genuinely like the smoky flavor. Ok It may be possible to be both of those kinds of people at the same time.

But if frozen, your going to have to thaw that bad boy. If you find yourself close to Thanksgiving with a frozen turkey still, check out my methods for a quick turkey thaw. They apply to any frozen turkey, smoked or not.

Your best option is to go low and slow. The goal is to still have a juicy turkey. You want the turkey to reheat as evenly as possible, lower temps are perfect for that. A higher temperature will dry out the external part of the turkey before the inside is warm enough. I think the process is not different than reheating a cooked ham.

When cooking a turkey I always cook it until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees in the deepest part of the breast without touching any bones. However, already cooked smoked turkey doesn't need to get to 165. It just needs to get to the point of being out of the so-called danger zone. This is the temperature range that dangerous bacteria like to grow.

Your chances of getting sick increase if your food is in this danger zone too long. The range is from 40-140 degrees. This is why you need your fridge to be 40 and under at all times. In this case we are concerned about the other end. Cooking your smoked turkey to 140 degrees will get it out of the danger zone.

I recommend having a probe thermometer on hand that you can place in the turkey and have a read out that sits outside the oven, so you can monitor what's going on inside. But if you don't have it you can also use an instant-read thermometer.

If you slice up your smoked turkey and see that the meat has a pink hue to it, do not worry! This can be a big concern for first timers but rest assure smoked meats tend to take on a pink color. If the package says that it's fully cooked, then you have nothing to worry about. It's not raw. Once it hits the correct temperature it's ready to enjoy. 59ce067264


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