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Klub 17 7.5 Torrent Updated

This is the latest version of The Klub 17, a cracked version of 3D SexVilla 2Its a standalone installation, so it doesnt require any of the previous versions.Just run the setup, choose your settings, install and play!In The Klub 17 version 7.5.0----------------------------CUSTOMIZER DRESS:- Separated * Bill suit from catsuit (Catsuit/* Bill was renamed Catsuit).- Clothes don\\'t auto-remove (hide instead).- Added no dildo strapon.- Strapon acts like any regular clothes (see note).- \\"Fetish Panty\\" can worn with all strapons and change color independently from Strapon2.- Male foot wear can be used by all genders.- Horns, bunny ears, headphone/headset are now separated from the hats.- Moved Skeleton, bunny and fox masks to eye wear.- Renamed \\"Back\\" to \\"Wings\\".- New Guns item based on VC \\"Leather Gunslut\\" texture- Guns can change color independently from \\"ActionGirl Hotpants\\"- Added no small leg option for shorts.- Men socks and stocking/pantyhose/body stocking can be used by all genders.- Change order of stocking/pantyhose/body stocking and garter.CUSTOMIZER ACCESSORIES:- Added color options for all.CUSTOMIZER BODY:- Added invisible model option.- The 2 last hairstyles are available to Men.- Added more ears positions and ears size options.- Added breasts shape options.- Added more hair position options.- Added wings size/position options (moved wings from the Dress cat. plus new icon).- Added neck x and y size.- Beards option available to all genders.- Scrotum slider use same range for penis/strapon and scrotum inertia for strapon.CUSTOMIZER TATTOO:- Added arms/legs/hands spandex #3.- Fixed auto-camera for spandex.- Arms spandex #3 don\\'t remove shoulder tattoo.- Added a new body spandex.- Added lower body spandex option.MODELS:- Removed Invisible Man and Woman.- Added Anna Seminovish, Lanny Barbie, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Wendy Fiore, Veronica Zemanova.MISC:- New title screen and background.- In Freemode orgasm is reached at 50% (jump to 100%).- In Freemode during cool down dropped down to 40% (instead of 20%).- Added leather neckband, hair #34/35, gun belt, headset and earring to More outside links.- Strapon doesn\\'t auto-remove with standard poses.- Updated banner pic and icons on Windows menu.- Added /clearlog option for the launcher executable (will clear game log before game startup).- Installer and updater now proposes \\"Custom Update\\" mode, where optional packages may be installed and managed.- New standalone \\'Options Manager\\' tool.FIXED BUGS:- Feet mod with shoes (ie platform).- Spandex color bug.- New nipples, piercings with spandex.- With preset color for beards.- With Men headset.- Leather Neckband coloring bug.- Several bug in Mod file (ie modded ball gag textures not visible for men).- Script for body customizer file.- Syntax errors (missing commas) in mod file.Content Importer GUI v.1.2.5- Implemented /X and /D= command-line options to allow execution in \\"Express Mode\\".- Fixed a bug with incorrectly encoded error messages from external applications being dumped to UTF16LE pipes (aka \\"Chinese text\\" bug). FaceGen Importer GUI v.1.0.3- Fixed model folder name bug (untested).- * application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.PesEd GUI v1.0.0:- The application will now restart itself after completing an edit operation.- * application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.GameSet Manager v.1.0.0:- Changed application name from \\"BackupSet Manager\\" to \\"GameSet Manager\\".- Completely rewritten all internal procedures.- New GameSet format (see notes).- Added \\'Include related textures\\' option (will back-up textures defined for outfits, models and community sequences).- Added support for Shemale Outfits (didn\\'t realize before there was a separate category for those).- On options page, grouped all Outfit categories into an expandable subgroup.- * application window to be brought to foreground on GUI initialization.TK17 Command Shell v.2.1.1:- New \\'texexport\\' tool (exports or lists textures defined for outfits, customizations, models and community sequences).- New \\'pack-tgc\\' tool (packs TGC files exported by the game with associated textures into an archive for distribution).- New \\'ExBsData\\' tool using modular plugin architecture.- Replaced \\'build-mod-db\\' and \\'build-models-db\\' tools by batch scripts calling ExBsData.- New ModGen framework for mod developers.- New \\'dirmerge\\', \\'bsdecode\\', \\'bsencode\\', \\'jcopy\\', \\'hcopy\\' and \\'hdcopy\\' utilities (see respective man pages for details).- PesDir: improved default sorting order for /s switch.- PesDir: fixed a couple of errors in filter template definitions.- PesDir: added more filter templates.- PesEd: fixed a bug with tags not being updated when saving a file under new name.- import-content: fixed a couple of minor bugs.- build-txx/extract-txx: improved exception handling.- texcount\\': improved accuracy (no longer counts room textures by default as those do not seem to affect the engine limit).- ge-extract: fixed some bugs.- Updated some man pages. RELEASE NOTES-------------- Strapon will not auto appear in custom poses (will have to be activated manually).- For compatibility reasons, small batch files were created in place of \\'build-mod-db\\' and \\'build-models-db\\' tools that will execute ExBsData with appropriate parameters to emulate the obsolete tools\\' behavior. These commands can still be used to easily rebuild modfile.db and models.db required by other tools.- As ModGen framework is intended for mod developers only, plugins will be provided separately.- Note, that the new GameSet format is incompatible* with the format previously used by the BackupSet Manager tool.Credits go to Team K17 and WhiteRabbit.

Klub 17 7.5 torrent updated



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