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Jml Halogen Oven Cookbook _BEST_

Halogen ovens are amazing products that you can use to cook so many different dishes. You can think of these devices as a more portable, more efficient conventional oven. They provide the same cooking capabilities but take up much less space and use less electricity.

Jml Halogen Oven Cookbook

If you love meat or a hearty oven roast dinner, there are some amazing halogen oven recipes you can use. These devices are perfect for cooking meat. Not only can you use it for cooking small quantities of meat, but you can also use them for cooking a whole chicken! The following are examples of some of the meats you can cook in a halogen oven:

Imagine cooking a sumptuous roasted chicken in your halogen cooker. You could surround it with roasted vegetables and potatoes sprinkled with herbs and garlic. The flavours would blend to produce a fantastic meal for your family.

It is advisable to use some oil like olive oil to cook chips and wedges in a halogen oven. This will help the cooking process and ensure that they are golden brown and crispy. You can use two different methods also.

Roasting vegetables is much easier, and you do not need any special accessories. You can place your vegetables on a tray in your halogen oven and start the cooking process! It is advisable to use some oil for your halogen oven recipe to help the roasting process.

If you enjoy baking, you will find that your oven is handy. Halogen oven cooking methods for baking differ little from using a standard oven. If anything, these devices offer greater flexibility as they are easy to clean, and you can set them up next to your preparation and baking area.

When using your halogen oven, you will get used to the cooking time. We always advise using the times stated on any packaging. However, it is always ideal for checking the cooking progress. You may find, for example, that some dishes cook a lot faster than you expect. Alternatively, you may find that you need to cook other food types for longer than expected.

Maintenance is also vital for these devices. As with any cooking device, halogen ovens get dirty. The main culprit is food splatter, fat, and grease. You should therefore clean the lid and wipe the cooking bowl regularly. Also, remove any interior racks or trays and clean them in warm soapy water too.

So, what can you cook in a halogen oven? There are so many dishes you can make! These are only a few of the top ideas of the recipes you can create with your new appliance. Remember to take note of how to use it and the precautions you need to keep in mind.

When cooked in a halogen oven, meats and poultry are brown and crispy on the outside but remain amazingly moist and succulent inside. These devices are truly amazing at sealing in food flavours and juices.

Eventually the food will dry out - with a halogen oven, however, infrared energy has the opposite effect. It drives moisture deep inside the food being cooked - hence the flavour is enhanced and the food is noticeably more succulent.

Full Chickens - these can be cooked to perfection with halogen power, provided you get your timing right. If everything goes to plan a full chicken will turn out golden brown and moist, not dry at all.

Pork & Beef - a halogen oven will cook almost any meat so it turns out tasting delicious - you can even get crunchy crackling on a pork shoulder, just like you would in a conventional oven - but with a lot less fuss and mess. Steaks come out with a char if you want them to and bacon can be cooked just how you like - it can even be nice and crispy, which you'll never achieve in a microwave oven!

Baked potatoes - a halogen oven works wonders when it comes to baked potatoes. They come out tasting firm an crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Again, that something you won't achieve in a microwave.

Burgers - these are a real favourite with halogen oven owners and turn out tasting truly wonderful. Hot dogs are another option that goes down well with kids. And if you want to serve up something really quick and simple for kids, then beans on toast is another easy snack to serve up.

Frozen Foods - a real attraction of a halogen oven is that you can cook many frozen foods right out of the freezer. There's often no need to thaw or pre-heat. Frozen sausages, pies, burritos and even vegetables - a halogen oven can deal with them all! Large meat joints, however, are best to be thawed before cooking.

There are some foods and meals that are not really suited to halogen oven cooking - few people have success when attempting scrambled and fried eggs, for example. And boiled eggs can be a bit hit and miss. This doesn't mean eggs are a complete no-no - you should have no problem with quiches or cakes, for example, where eggs are just one ingredient among others.

Speed is a wonderful benefit of cooking with halogen power - it beats a traditional oven hands down by cooking food up to three times more quickly. For example, you can cook beef ribs in 20 minutes. Simple fruit based desserts can be cooked very fast and easily.

Halogen ovens are super convenient, compact appliances that can be kept on your kitchen counter. They heat with a combination of infra red and convection to cook food 40% faster than a conventional oven - without any of the dreaded soggyness associated with microwaves. Using a combination of racks you simply layer the food, set the dials and produce a whole meal from one appliance. Whether it's simply defrosting a joint of meat or making a more elaborate recipe, a halogen will take the time and hassle out of all your favourite dishes. As ever with our popular Hamlyn All Colour series, you'll find 200 delicious recipes with step-by-step instructions and colour photography to ensure perfect results every time. Why not discover how easy halogen cooking can be?

Using both halogen and infra red heating, halogen ovens dramatically cut cooking time by up to 40% and also use less power than a conventional oven. They do everything in one pot - from boiling and roasting to toasting and baking cakes. The ovens even help with the washing up as they have a self-cleaning function. Halogen Cooking is becoming increasingly popular, with JML listing the halogen oven as their bestselling product. Part of the bestselling Hamlyn All Colour 200 series. 041b061a72


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