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Ammamma Keladi Thozhi Novel.pdf


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Ammamma Keladi Thozhi Novel.pdf: A Review of the Tamil Classic

Ammamma Keladi Thozhi is a Tamil novel written by K. Janakiraman and published in 1959. It is considered one of the masterpieces of Tamil literature and has been translated into several languages. The novel tells the story of Ammamma, a young widow who lives with her son and daughter-in-law in a village. She befriends Thozhi, a girl from a lower caste who works as a maid in her house. The novel explores the bond between the two women, their struggles, joys and sorrows in a patriarchal and caste-ridden society.

The novel is divided into four parts, each focusing on a different phase of Ammamma's life. The first part, titled "Ammamma", introduces the protagonist and her family background. She is married off at a young age to a man who dies soon after. She is left with a son, who grows up to be a doctor and marries a woman from a rich family. Ammamma feels lonely and neglected in her son's house, where she is treated as a burden. She finds solace in Thozhi's company, who becomes her confidante and companion.

The second part, titled "Thozhi", narrates the life story of Thozhi, who belongs to the Paraiyar community, one of the lowest castes in Tamil Nadu. She is orphaned at a young age and works as a domestic servant in various houses. She faces discrimination, abuse and exploitation from her employers and society. She meets Ammamma when she is hired to work in her son's house. She develops a close friendship with Ammamma, who treats her with respect and kindness. She also falls in love with Murugan, a young man from her community.

The third part, titled "Murugan", depicts the romance between Thozhi and Murugan, who also works as a servant in Ammamma's son's house. He is an intelligent and ambitious person, who dreams of becoming a teacher. He faces many obstacles due to his caste and poverty. He also has to deal with the opposition of Ammamma's son and daughter-in-law, who disapprove of his relationship with Thozhi. He finds support from Ammamma, who encourages him to pursue his education and career.

The fourth part, titled "Ammamma Keladi Thozhi", shows the climax of the novel, where Ammamma and Thozhi face a tragic fate due to the cruelty of society. Ammamma's son decides to move to another town for his job and plans to take his mother with him. He also wants to get rid of Thozhi and Murugan, who he considers as nuisances. He plots to separate them and send them away to different places. Ammamma learns about his scheme and decides to rebel against him. She runs away with Thozhi and Murugan to start a new life together. However, they are chased by Ammamma's son and his men, who catch them and kill them brutally.

The novel ends with a poignant note, where Ammamma's spirit narrates how she and Thozhi are united in death and how they have become immortal in the hearts of the people who loved them.

Ammamma Keladi Thozhi Novel.pdf is a powerful and moving novel that portrays the lives of two women who defy the norms of their society and find happiness in each other's friendship. It is a novel that celebrates the strength of women, the beauty of love and the dignity of humanity. 9160f4acd4


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