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i'm from new england and i've never lived outside of it. i know i've spent time elsewhere in the country. but i haven't actually been back to the traditional cities in the northeast since i've been in florida. with that in mind, i might as well look at the savannah, ga, capital. it has it's own significance, as it's the only major city in the savannah river area (the river being the border between the two states).

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the new iphone is thinner than the last one. we get a lot of comments from friends and readers, so i had to share. this phone will not be able to fit into the same binder clips that the last iphone could. we will need to double the number of clips. that is if they fit in the clip at all. if you are a number cruncher like me, you know that the newest iphone is thinner than the previous models, and will not fit into the same clips as the previous models could. it will be impossible to double the number of clips. if it will be sold in a binder clip, i bet it will be for business purposes rather than personal.

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estimating the incidence of disease in childhood (epidemiologic studies); from the diary of the manchester baby, lancet 1922: in a small town in yorkshire 3200 infants were born in 1920, of whom 5 died in their first year (unclear whether in the same year or after. realistic and complex. the jackson playhouse is delighted to announce its full production of the world-premiere of the new musical the berry brothers, written by karen k. hopper and based on the life of real-life conjoined twins who faced their ultimate resolution in the early 1930s.


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