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the numbers were first discovered in a topographical map, a copy of which was recovered by the dharma initiative. they were also written on a map in the dharma initiative's central computer. ( numbers )

the numbers apparently have their own time and place, and move on their own. on oceanic flight 815, the numbers were written on the wheel of the dharma initiative submarine, before the crash. ( numbers )

once on the island, the numbers are present everywhere. they can be seen on the wall of the dharma initiative in 1954, on the dharma initiative computer in 2006, on the dharma initiative submarine in 2007, and on the dharma initiative statue in the dharma initiative cell block. and they have other purposes, such as providing the time coordinates for their people to move around. ( numbers )

there is a dharma initiative cell block in the dharma initiative simulation room, and the numbers are also located there. the numbers appear on a wall of the cell block, and in another version of the cell block. ( numbers )

one of the main characters of " lost " is named jack shephard, and he is at the center of the show's events. jack is a man who sees and tries to understand the world, and has its numbers. jack has lost a wife and son in a plane crash, and another son he has raised alone. jack has lost loved ones to the island, and he has survived to tell the story. ( numbers )

why hes here: the beatles' first american hit single was "she loves you", released in january 1963. this number was a tribute to the band. the lyrics were written by john lennon; the melody was inspired by a russian folk song, (the song ) popular in eastern europe. in a billboard magazine interview with lennon prior to the release of the single, the beatles said that "she loves you" was their best song to date. 3d9ccd7d82


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