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Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf

Limba Romana Manual Pentru Studentii Straini.pdf ===

Hello. I've recently been looking for a place to make lighting assets for my game, and I wanted a free solution, but everything I've found seems to be only for Blender, which is fine, but Sketchup seems like it has a lot more potential, so I was hoping that myself and others could help me understand where I might be missing out in using sketchup.

So my question is, how can I setup a workflow whereby I can do most if not all of my work in Sketchup, and only use Blender to create the lightmaps? Is there any way to define light information in sketchup, but have blender render the light-maps? Otherwise I'm going to have to do all the modeling in sketchup and then add the lights manually in blender every time I make a change to the scene.

So, I don't want to have to go back and re-do the lights from scratch every time I make a change to my lighting. This isn't the case in every game, but it's particularly true in mine, as some character's have specific "needs" in terms of lights, and it's not always convenient to just throw them on every time. This is the kind of thing that's /easily/ forgivable in a 2D environment, but in a 3D environment where you have textured and shaded models, it's hard to see how one can just define global materials/lights for the entire model.

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